Oh, I Watch That

12 Jan

So, I have always liked this quote from the original movies.  I have a Yoda shirt that I wore to a Star Wars party and a girl came over to me and said, “I love Yoda, he’s my favorite.”  I was slightly skeptical because of the kind of girl she is, so I asked, “What’s the most famous things he says?”  And she stared at me blankly.

We’re talking about best seller movies when they came out, so I won’t say it’s underground and only nerds can embrace this, it just seemed a strange thing to lie about. 

Trust me, I’m not judging anyone, I grew up being told I was weird and that people sometimes just tune me out.  So I learned to be quiet and not talk about things.  I learned to wait until someone else brought something up before talking about it.  I would ask if someone liked something once, if they didn’t know, I didn’t bring it up again.  This of course makes me awkward and shy around people I don’t know and even more socially inept than before. 

I just find this new trend of what people are lying about a strange thing.  Like a group of people who went to see the last HP movie at a midnight showing and then made fun of the people in costume.  REALLY?  Or having someone mention to me, repeatedly, how much they LURVED the last HP movie and not know what a horcrux is? Now that The Hunger Games is coming out as a major motion picture, people who know I read the series back when come over to tell me how much they loved the book, but they don’t how it ended?  The other day when someone I know, who is not a stranger, asked what I did all weekend, I admitted, I rewatched all fourteen episodes of Firefly and they offhandedly replied, “Oh, I watch that.” I’m not sure if I believe that, but I didn’t feel like asking either just because I am positive she was just saying it to say it. 

Don’t get me wrong, when you find someone that you can have a good conversation with about something you have in common it can be loads of fun and sometimes it’s nice to have that connection.  But when people make things up to … well I can’t even begin to fathom their reasons why?

I mean… I guess it’s just a thing going on right now because there seems to be this Harry Potter FB page:



3 Responses to “Oh, I Watch That”

  1. Lela January 12, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    The only thing that annoys me just as much as fake Star Wars fans is fake Potter fans. I mean COME ON. (LMAO @ Regulus Black ^^^ Still to this day one of the funniest things I have ever seen come from FB). Really? People were making fun of the Potter costumes? I was pissed that I did not have one. I was thisclose to buying a robe at Universal. They wanted too much for it though, I felt like I could probably just make my own. Guess who regreted that decision opening night? This girl. How are you at a MIDNIGHT showing of Potter making fun of people dressed up? I’m still blown away. That is WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED to wear your getup. Not just Halloween.

    Also, Firefly is a very touchy subject for me. Answers to any questions with regards to Firefly need to start with with “Take my love, take my land… *insert answer here* take me where I cannot stand…”
    Oh I watch that too. No you don’t. If you did then you would have immediately started into how it was cancelled entirely too soon. Unless of course your ship is being raided by Reavers in which case you have no time to talk about the subject, and then its understandable.

    Now that poor Star Wars girl never had a chance, you asked whats the most famous thing Yoda says? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to that? There’s a lot. But hey, maybe much to learn I still have….

    I am curious to see what happens with The Hunger Games too. I think it’ll be very interesting. I need to add some dumb girls to my FB so I read their statuses after the movie comes out, get a good laugh. I’m also scared to see the movie, as this book was just THAT good.

    • Mickey January 12, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

      I wasn’t trying to trick her, she couldn’t tell me anything Yoda ever said. *shrug* I don’t hate on her for it, I tried to encourage her to go watch them.
      Firefly is a touchy subject for a lot of people but it’s why I didn’t ask her to elaborate. Also this:
      But then again, this is how you bond with these people. “Hey did you watch the Doctor Who Christmas special?”. ” Why yes I did.”. “What did you think?”… These are how these conversations start but when people can’t tell you any details, well, its disappointing. Almost like a missed opportunity, you know?

  2. toonerdygirls March 27, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    some interesting articles that highlight these same ideas:
    the mary sue says if they are open to it, then give them more things to read/watch/participate in:


    here is an article on the flip side from forbes, yes forbes:


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