Music Sounds Better With You

16 Jan

Music is always in the background of just about everything I do.  I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people.  My big problem is that I don’t listen to the radio except at my place of employment where I get to hear the same songs four times a day.  I play my ipod constantly at work, in the car, at home, but get this,
I never get to see the bands live.

So, I’m not sure if it’s like this for other females, but driving by myself to get to a questionable neighborhood and go to concerts by myself doesn’t sound appealing to me.  I don’t know anyone that lives near me that listens to any of the same music I do.  I’m not saying I dislike top forty, but there is an entire world of music out there to explore and no one to explore it with me.  I seem to be stuck in the middle.  I do know people that are super into obscure music but for every ten they mention, I may only know two.  Then there is the other group of people I know who all want to see LMFAO and cover bands.

Soundtracks are usually a godsend for me, because they are mostly about a feeling and have enough artists on them to give a wide range.  I have owned plenty of soundtracks without ever seeing the movies they are based on.

Anyway, I made a playlist and two things happened.  Firstly, the songs I wanted to put on there couldn’t be found and secondly I was sixty some songs and realized that may have been too many.  Plus, Lela still has to add hers!

So, if anyone has any recommendations, I am always open to checking out new music!

In the meantime, here is the link:


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