What “The Hunger Games” is Wearing

24 Jan

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So I have been a real slacker lately but RL got in the way of posting. 

Over the past few days I have experienced two cars slide down a driveway into the street (yay for black ice!), paintball guns (not part of a game) and somehow managed to drip my ponytail into a 5 gallon bucket of aqua paint.  ALL NON RELATED ISSUES.

So I get a message that the official HG tumblr page opened for business and it brings a wonderful sense of excitement to the movie.  Its basically about fashion, the stylists and the looks for the capitol (duh based on the name).   It brings a whole new side to it that I’ll admit I didn’t think too much about when reading.  It almost makes it seem larger than life. 

So go over to capitolcouture.pn , look around, clink links, participate in discussions and remember that tickets go on sale in less than a month!


One Response to “What “The Hunger Games” is Wearing”

  1. toonerdygirls January 26, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    lela: found the shoes!

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