Robots Everywhere

25 Jan

So I have been sitting here all week long trying to write this blog about my obsession with robots.
I have them on shirts, socks, underwear.  I make them out of legos and boxes.  I have ornaments for my Christmas tree and salt and pepper shakers.  Maybe this could be blamed on growing up on Transformers (not the new stuff!) and Voltron, with occasional bouts of Johnny Five, KITT and Jinx from the movie “Space Camp.” (Yes, I went there with KITT)  We can’t of course can’t forget about R2D2, C3P0, the Terminator and Robocop.  This of course moved on to the Iron Giant,  Bender, Wall-e, Daleks, Cybermen (yea yea semantics)…

I was thinking about this because with valentines day coming up, Target has all these robots in the dollar section.  They did last year too. Sometimes its hard to find these things as they seem to be not as popular, so I stock up this time of year.

I kept stalling because I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to delve into this.    I’m sure that I am anthropomorphizing them and if I am, to what extent?  Don’t get me wrong, I find Wall-E adorable but I hated the movie “Robots”.  They were too human, to the point that the entire movie made no sense to me at all.

I am not sure it has anything to do with my asian heritage and just the general love of them.   Japan has the massive Gundum robot and Korea is set to open a theme park based around robots within the next few years.  Generally, asian culture has embraced robots in every day life more readily than others have.

Sciene fiction and even some fantasy has embraced robots or clockwork mechanics as common in the genres, both visually and in the written form.  When I was younger and reading, I had stumbled into a story called “The Eternal Enemy” by Christopher Pike.   The first chapter can be read on

It is the story of a typical teenage girl who buys a VCR that can record the future and what wasn’t so obvious at the time was it had robots involved in the story line.  I loved this story even years later when I discovered Isaac Asimov. This story had become my introduction to learning about being human.  When I try to explain it, it never comes out right, but when I was young, it was one of my favorite books.  has a good cartoon of his books. (which I had started reading around age 8 or 9).  I’m only going to post the link as it contains a spoiler:

I know this obsession isn’t uncommon as shared by and but I am not sure if anyone other than a few people close to me are aware of this.

What are you obsessed with or collect?

(this may or not be a picture of my dining table)


3 Responses to “Robots Everywhere”

  1. lelajazz January 26, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    It is ALL becuase we are children of the 80s. Voltron, Transformers, R2D2, Short Circuit, etc. Add that to you be being Asian, and well. Actually I am surprised you haven’t built one yet.

    You’re welcome.

    Really though for the record, Robots sucked. That movie was pretty terrible. It had its moments, but nothing special.

    When I was 8 years old all I wanted was this remote control robot I saw in a catalog. I remember it, it was white and kinda built like Johnny 5, but chubby. I wrote to Santa asking him to send it to me for Christmas. Christmas morning I woke up full of excitement just KNOWING Santa brought me my robot. I got a cabbage patch doll, some clothes, and an apologetic letter from Rudolf explaining that they hit a patch of fog, and my robot fell off the sleigh. No robot. *sigh*

    In other news I wish I would’ve kept that letter. I mean really, how awesome were my parents?

    I digress again.

    • mickey January 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

      Funny, Santa had the nerve to type up a letter on my laptop and then left GLITTER all over my floor! lol
      If you want, I can get you legos too and you can make all the little robots you want.
      Want to go to Robotland in 2014-2015? c’mon… you know you want to…. it’d be loads of fun. Korea already set up a Robot Code of Ethics to prevent android abuse in 2007. I mean what could go wrong?

      Since we just somehow joined Santa and Robots together:

      I love how Futurama is so relevant to so many things

  2. mickey January 26, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    soooooo i just reread the first chapter….. lmao. VCR?? CIRCUIT CITY?! Lethal Weapon?? I don’t think I’ve even seen that movie. no really.
    heh. love it. I dunno if there will be a reprint on this one like his “Final Friends” series and “The Last Vampire” series… not w/o some serious updates.
    but “muscles that looked like they’d been injected” …now that I think back, they had a kind of lame party too in it, but I still like the book.
    I think I’m going to go find my old beat up copy and reread it again.

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