Movie Bars and Toy Robots

1 Feb


So I have this problem with sports bars.  Mainly, its that I get super bored when I look up and see nine different televisions playing sports and maybe one more sporting that reality show with PlayBoy bunnies.  I like to go out and have a couple beers and catch up with friends, but when there is a lull or when I just want something to look at sports doesn’t cut it with me.  I just never got into it, sue me.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to “Drop Off Service” this past weekend that played, get this, Turner Classic Movies with the caption on.  If you are sitting at the bar, you can’t really see the screen, but there are lots of little tables and booths around the place and I found it to be something a little different and refreshing.  Plus, it managed to be a real conversation starter.  That and their meat pies.  It was relaxing and with enough open space to not fight through a crowd and the bartenders were friendly and top of everything. It sells about 20 beers or so.   It’s definitely one of the better bars I have been to in a long long while.

I also managed to wander into a little store called Toy Tokyo.  This place was like heaven, if heaven were full of 80’s toys, anime figurines and tons and tons of wind up toy robots!  There was an entire case of just these tin toys and pretty much anything else robot related right next to some Gumby-esque Futurama figurines.  It was a dangerous place for me to be because I began calculating how much I could buy immediately.  I did end up walking out with a small chrome wind up robot that is very reminiscent of “The Forbidden Planet” which now has a nice place on my bookshelf.

If you’re anywhere near these two places, definitely stop in and take a look around.

Drop Off Service
211 Avenue A
at 13th St.
(212) 260-2914
Toy Tokyo
91 second avenue  ground floor, new york, NY 10003 (212) 673-5424

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