Wearing Fandom Proudly

3 Feb

by etsy user buymycrap


So just yesterday I was lamenting that I still didn’t have a Hunger Games shirt that I liked.  Today I see an update on merchandise for the upcoming film.  I saw the above and immediately thought of Lela.  I, myself, am partial to the bracelet they have.

And I started thinking… why does it need to be a shirt?  I know that’s the easiest way to wear something that supports your fandom, but it is certainly not the only way.  There are various ways to stamp your merch with designs and phrases of things you know and love.  Just a few posts ago, I mentioned owning robots on shoes, socks and ornaments, so why wasn’t I applying this to THG?

My cell phone case is Star Wars and I have various coffee mugs with characters on them, such as, the Avengers and Harry Potter.  A few years ago I bought a nice leather cuff bracelet with Jack and Sally on it as a gift and just this past Christmas, I found a Rainbow Brite reusable water bottle.  There are various toys and action figures around my home ranging from South Park characters, Spock (in a transporter tube that lights up!), Sherlock Holmes lego figurines, Cybermen, Futurama action figures…. My fridge is covered in various magnets, so there is no shortage of professing what I enjoy… in my home.  Its the stuff I want to wear out that shows it, althought the Reavers shirt from yesterday should have been offered in an apron.

So when I started scouring the internet for non-apparel related things, of course I was directed etsy mostly.  So, I’m going to include some links to other stuff I found, looking around the internet.  The links to the etsy users are under the pictures.

This user has a ton of different skins for iphones, nooks, kindles… all kinds too; Charlie Brown, Nintendo Controllers, Star Wars, vintage cameras, Minecraft.

So I was on etsy and found the above resin bracelet for the Weeping Angels which also linked to this gorgeous Hunger Games bracelet.

There are more bracelets on the website.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BuyMyCrap?ref=seller_info   Definitely worth a look around!

How else do you show off your fandom??


3 Responses to “Wearing Fandom Proudly”

  1. lelajazz February 3, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    The Girl on Fire bracelet is FIRE. Have you found a shirt you like? Man if it wasn’t so much monye I’d buy that thing…. The earings are hot too, I may have to rock those opening night…

    PS Guess who got her Star Wars decals in? This girl.

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