Give Doctor Who a Chance

21 Mar

Doctor Who

So for a while now, I have been trying to get Lela to just give Doctor Who a chance. 

I would tell her, you need to watch this.  I would send lists of which ones she needed to be sure to watch and then made the mistake of telling her that she could watch them out of order.

Later I was told this was a mistake because although I watch them out of order without any issues, I was told that most people cannot do it that way.  I’m guessing I could have ruined the whole experience for her and revised my mistake. 

She agreed, put it in her queue and then didn’t get around to it.  I don’t blame her though, I know there are lots of other things out there.  I just wanted someone to talk to about it.  I mean, I dressed up like Karen Gillan for Halloween and NOBODY knew who I was!  I just knew that if she gave it a go, she’d love it and I couldn’t wait until she did.

So she watched “Rose” and emailed me one weekend.   She liked it but …. Didn’t go back for more.  This distressed me, how was I going to get her to see how great it was?

So I asked her to skip to “Blink”.

don't blink

I received this (all future italicized comments are Lela’s)

I took a break and watched Blink!!!!!  SO GOOD amazingly good!!!
wanted to call in sick today to watch all day

Yes! So now I had her hooked.  Really, who was going to turn away after that episode?

Next I asked her to jump to “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” and then start on from “The Eleventh Hour.”

Beast Below

Is wrong that I have a small crush on the 11th dr? Where can i get a pet star whale?


And I’m pretty much a huge giant fan now. damn you and introducing me to all these wonderful new obsessions


So now that her interest is peaked, she’s planning on going back and watching the old ones.  She immediately began adding new pics to her pinterest page. 







I told her about one of my favorite tumblr sites I like to visit.

Then I click on whatever links are inside those links.  I couldn’t list all the sites I wanted to because I was afraid of spoilers, even in the titles.   Maybe when she’s caught up, I’ll give her the complete list. 

Dearest Doctor,


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Custard and Fish Fingers are sweet,

But not as sweet as I am on you.


Roses are red,

Your tardis is blue,

Why has it taken me so long,

To fall in love with you?


Roses are red,

One of the next generation Daleks is blue,

Won’t you take me into your arms,

And let me travel time with you?







all other photos above are from


One Response to “Give Doctor Who a Chance”

  1. lelajazz March 27, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    So anyone with a kid knows that getting dressed in the morning can turn into a huge ordeal.

    I put my daughter’s clothes beside her on the bed and told her I expected her to be dressed by the time I was done getting ready.

    About 20 minutes pass and I go check on her progress. She is in the same position, with the clothes exactly where I placed them.

    I asked her why didn’t even attempt to get dressed.

    “I was scared. I looked down, and I had three shadows mommy!”

    I almost died laughing. A good parent would’ve told her what she saw on Dr. Who was fake, but instead I said, “Good girl! Now where did they go?”

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