Burn no Bridges because People are Stalkers

27 Mar


mickey:  This morning I was thinking about how small the world actually is. 

Lela and I met in high school, in a town with about 13 thousand people located on the Eastern coast.  Our school did pull in students for the surrounding areas, enough so you didn’t know everyone in the school.  But, in reality, it was a pretty small place.  So later on, when she I were out in a US/Mexican border town and ran smack into a guy who had graduated the year before us, well that was a little surreal.  It wasn’t the first or last time either.  It’s like walking down the streets of Manhattan and running into someone I had done a work project with four states away and two weeks prior.  It was like being stuck in South London due to the trains being flooded and finding a place to crash with someone I met from the Pacific Northwest.  It was like the night I went to a charity fundraiser and ran into a pleasant fellow that I knew through my employer but who also had a friend that I had grown up with at a very very young age.  It’s these little surprises that reminds me that the world is a tiny place if people are willing to traverse it.  Unfortunately, as I get older, my world becomes smaller, as I am sure a lot of people’s do.  Time constraints, needing time off and the cost of gas and flying and family obligations make things much harder than they used to be, at least it seems that way.   I never go anywhere on a whim anymore but instead have to plan weeks, if not months out in advance.  The spontaneity is not there and I miss it. 

Still, there are times, like family moving to another state and finding that they moved just blocks from close friends that still remind me how tiny the world is and how easy it is to keep in touch. 

Even now, years later, Lela lives hundreds of miles away and there are plenty of days that I still manage to talk to her, that makes it feel that she’s just up the road.  With social networking, email, texting and skyping there’s no reason that people can’t keep in touch anymore. 


lela:   Sometimes it scares me too though.  Ever had someone you wish you don’t ever run into as long as you live?  I have a couple of those and with my track record it is only a matter of time before they pop up somewhere.  Burn no bridges because the world is super teeny tiny.  
There was another girl from highschool that I ran into in Texas.  She went to my church and I was not crazy about her, she was pretty and very full of herself and very stuck up.  Ran into her little sister at a party, then saw her again one time when she came looking for my boyfriend at the time at his house.  Which I got all pissed off about.  It really is too bad she didn’t take him from me, I ended marrying him…  Dammit.

you're not talking about stalking, THIS is stalking




i think you’re talking about stalking…..



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