29 Aug

I am NO FAN of Michael Bay’s…. going back to… well forever I guess. 

His films are boring, predictible in storyline and chaotic visually. 

BUT, if you’re going to the cracktastic angle, this review of Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie is pure entertainment.  I snorted out loud listening to this.

I will throw this out, I do not know if this is a real script.  It could be a “what would Michael Bay’s TMNT script be like?”, like when people do fake Michael Bay posters, but at least it’s entertainment if you’ve got some minutes to kill.  

What am I saying?  Of course you have minutes to kill, why else would anyone be reading this site?

Michael Bay's leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script is full of bad ideas




One Response to “CRACKTASTIC TMNT review”

  1. Leela August 29, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    LMFAO @ Dora!! bahahahaa
    I have not yet listened to review, I cannot wait for my coworker to leave to do so…

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