When RealLife gets in the way of our bitching…

9 Nov

So Leela and I had realized we were slacking pretty hardcore on this site.  (and the twitter, tumblr and pinterest account….)

But we have good reasons!! On top of being full time employees with at least one job, between us, we have school, families, internships, dating, moving and of course, the holiday season…




I mean… we’re not just making excuses here, I am seriously behind on The Walking Dead, because I don’t have the time to watch TV anymore!!  I haven’t started reading any new fanfiction, no obsessing over Catching Fire Behind-the-Scenes stuff, I think I barely even caught Halloween with the hurricane and losing electricity and all.


who’s scared of the dark?


Anyway,I am the one who is moving… most likely… AGAIN!


I had posted earlier about moving into a house with books, books and more books!  This SEVEN months ago.  About two months ago I got this house JUSTSO.  It was organized and I could find a place for most of my things, I had plans I tell you! All these ideas, days of scouring pinterest, buying things on sale to make this place my own… and I’ll probably be out of here in the next two months or so….


oh will I ever have a place to call my own??

Don’t get me wrong the place I’m in now.. perfect, really.  Some of the paint was dated, but it has great bones.  Only 20 years old, great condition.  Any changes I wanted to make were purely cosmetic.  (Anyone looking for a nice place to rent?)  2700 sq feet (not counting the fully finished basement), enclosed deck overlooking a nice yard with a fence and a small garden.  A sitting room, TV room, two guest rooms and an ENTIRE ROOM filled with bookshelves and the they were filled to the ceiling with books! This room had an overstuffed sofa, a few comfy chairs and good lighting… and when people came over, they gravitated into the room to relax… Just what I wanted it for.  *sniff*  and now I have to move on and pack it all up again.

The house is smaller than the current one, larger than the last one… but all my furniture did double duty in the last one because there was NO storage.  This one had LOADS of storage everywhere!  and no room for my bulky furniture.  The next one…. well, heh, I haven’t seen it yet.  Only time will tell, but from the looks of the pictures, I will need to have a yard sale.


selling my shit fo’ cash


So, I’m back to collecting ideas on pinterest for the next place.  I will definitely be stuck at the next place for at least a couple years, so I have time to repaint a few things and make some personal changes.

In the meantime…. we have a few ideas we just need to expand on before we throw them up here to share.


Until then,






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