Wreck It Ralph is Crushing It

19 Nov

So I went to see Wreck It Ralph with a mixed bag of people this weekend.

and… Great Green Yoda Ghost……

It was AWESOME!!!

There were so many reasons to like this movie.  First there were nods to many games over the years, even the background characters were all exciting to glimpse.

how many of these guys do i know??

The games created for the movie were done really well.  They were all familiar in a way you really felt that Hero’s Duty *giggle* (not THAT kind of duty!) could be a real game.  The characters, behavior, graphics, music were all spot on.  All of the in movie games were that way.  Fix It Felix Jr had residents that looked like weebles and had jerky movements in that retro 8bit gameplay kind of way.  Sugar Rush had an entire world that … well, one made me want candy, but the music and graphics were just…. I mean, I could see that as a racing game in an arcade.  It’s like CandyLand, Strawberry Shortcake and crack all got together, and I really mean this in the best way possible.

Plus, the voice actors were great.

Jack McBrayer from 30Rock (the show with all the Star Wars reference)


John C Reilly (from everything…. Wiki him if you don’t believe me)


Jane Lynch from Glee, A Might Wind, Sam’s mom from iCarly… a ton more shit

Sarah Silverman, you know, Fry’s girlfriend from Futurama…. wait… someone just told me she had a show?

and seriously, I didn’t realize this til the credits but… Wash?

Is this guy:

And the Contra nod…

these graphics are TIGHT son!

well I ended up saying it OUT LOUD in the theater and no one near me new what I was fangirling about.

I almost had an Iron Giant moment (please see the post about bawling my freaking eyes out)

But thankfully, did not have a ridiculous moment crying my eyes out over a cartoon…. because that doesn’t happen!!!

But, seriously, go see this movie.  I had someone say… oh.. you picked this over Breaking Dawn?

(not a fake background)

I will admit, I wasn’t sure what to think.  I haven’t been too keen on Disney’s stuff as of late.  The Pixar stuff is, of course, love.  But the animated movies themselves… Wreck it Ralph made me excited again.  Yes, they took some cues from Pixar.  There is an animated short at the beginning that had no words and yet not one kid in that theater said ANYTHING when it was on.

To that I say, THANK YOU to Disney.  For bringing back wonder and quality.

and even if it seems a little familiar:

familiar things can bring comfort too.

like this picture… see how familiar they are….. Yikes… maybe not


(Oh, and for all you haters about… do kids even hang out at arcades anymore??  I was ALSO at an arcade this weekend that had tons of kids there doling out their quarters.  so :P)



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