Too Many Paint Choices

19 Dec

So as I mentioned on an earlier blog, I will be moving into my third home in a year.  This one though, I will be staying in for a couple years and therefore, I can not wait to paint it!

This may seem like a stupid thing to be excited over, but in reality, I was only allowed to do minor painting as the homes were never mine.  As long as they were in neutral colors, I could pick whatever color I wanted.

The first home did have a light green bedroom, but every other room in the house was tan.  A boring awful tan.  Bleh.

The second home, the master bedroom was allowed to be painted Rainwater by Martha Stewart over a violet-ish color from before.   The rest of the house stayed the same off-white kind of color though and some rooms had outdated and  dark wallpaper.


This home though… I get to paint the whole thing if I want… and after perusing pictures of the tans and olive greens (one on one side of the hallway and the other on the opposite wall????) well then, yes, yes I would like to repaint!

So, did you see my aside above about the hallway being two colors?  Well that’s because this house has an open floor plan.  I have not lived in a house with an open floor plan and I’m a little nervous.  There are so many questions!

Where does the furniture go?  How do I run wires from the middle of the room to the outlets on the walls??  Why is there a built in for the television in the corner of the room right next to the bay window?  How am I supposed to put furniture around that?!!

I’m foreseeing a lot of moving around of furniture in months to come.

I also had to start looking into paint colors.  Keeping in the mind the problem the last homeowners had (hallway being two colors) I began looking around for the best way to paint something all the way through.

I made a lot of little palettes.  I perused the Farrow & Ball website.  I love that the colors are very limited and kind of classic.  I didn’t want to get stuck with a super trendy color on my wall that I’d need to repaint in two years.


Farrow & Ball color palette

I found myself leaning towards grays.  When I was in high school, I redid my room with very light gray walls with darker gray trim, nickel accents, wispy white curtains and black furniture.  I loved that room and still do.  It wasn’t too feminine and I felt that it had staying power even years later.  The only problem with that was most of the curtains and linens in my home tend to be grays.  Not all, I also gravitate to whites, browns and light aquas in the accents.  I was afraid though that if I painted my walls gray, that it would be gray overload in the home.


Benjamin Moore Colors

The other color I really wanted was the Rainwater by Martha Stewart.  I didn’t get a chance to love it enough in the second home but I was really impressed with the color next to the wide white trim, gray lines and dark furniture.  In some lights it’s blue gray, in others a green blue, it’s versatile that way.  It was something that I wanted to reuse if I could.

I also received a request for one of the rooms to be green or bluish green, nothing too dark or trendy.  So onto a way to try and incorporate the two.

So I came up with a few color schemes, but nothing looked quite right.

paint colors 4

other than rainwater, all other colors by Farrow & Ball

hmmmmmmm….. also .. missing something?

paint colors 3

So they’re not meshing…. and I wasn’t going to start painting until I could fix that.  When walking into the front door, the dining room, office, living room, and breakfast nook are all visible right away.  Everything needs to look cohesive.

So I stumbled around onto this website showing how to make a cohesive paint plan in the home.  I was inspired by a lot of the changes they had made and even more of the colors chosen in their new home.

How about this one?

plumage martha stewart

Plumage by Martha Stewart

Which they used in it’s entirety inside a guest bedroom.  For me, I was thinking more a long the lines of the office (where the bookshelves will go!) and the back of the built-ins.

This also brought me around to Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball.  It’s bold and would work well against a gray.


Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue

Here it is on some kitchen cabinets:

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue + Miles Redd

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue + Miles Redd

This all seems a bit much for me, but I can’t deny how great it looks.  So I came up with a color palette I think I’m happy with.

house colors

Cohesive enough?

I’m not sure… Like I said, I won’t be painting until I figure it all out  but I would appreciate any feedback in the meantime.

What are some of your favorite paint colors??


4 Responses to “Too Many Paint Choices”

  1. Ashford Cove January 18, 2013 at 1:10 pm #

    I’m loving the plumage by Martha Stewart. I also found it on John and Sherry’s sight a while back. I’m thinking of painting my bedroom this color. I really like it next to moonshine or sesame.

    • toonerdygirls January 29, 2013 at 6:43 am #

      I love it too, but I am really afraid of it being too dark! I am really leaning towards the moonshine for our living area, the more I see it, the more i like the color. There is so much surface area that I am afraid to start, nevermind that I’m a little gunshy since I haven’t really had the freedom to paint things in the past.

      • Janybaby March 29, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

        I”m dealing with olive living room, navy and taupe bedroom and all the trim and cabinets a horrible color found in a baby diaper. I just painted Rainwater on 2 walls along with some purples and a grey. I wanted to paint some of it purple, my favorite color but it would be too much but I just don’t want beige. I think the Rainwater is a greenish, grayish, lavender which must might work. Then I fan bring in lots of color in my artwork. I like the Moonshine but I find gray’s tend to look dead on the walls. Whatever i get I’m going to get semi gloss. Such decisions.

      • toonerdygirls April 12, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

        but there a lot of decisions! the worst is when the color goes up and it looks awful based on lighting. I had a lovely grey/greenish blue color in my kitchen that was completely washed out in the bathroom. it needed a much darker color in order to balance it out. and who wants to repaint? what a PIA. i had a neutral color mixed to sell a home and it was mixed with a distinct pink undertone that didn’t show up until it dried. which meant most of the house was repainted when I figured that out.

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