Big Juicy Red Lips … should we?

13 Feb

Vampires only think with their FANGS

So….. when we met…. we were fans of red lips.  This may have helped the bonding experience… well that and our love of fantasy  (and obviously…. hot vampire boyfriends that WILL NOT kill us when they make out with us)


And while it’s fallen out of favor for us (except for dress up and special occasions)  in the past few years but…. sometimes we miss it

we went back and forth with it… all the things we loved… all the things we didn’t

I mean…. we can use a billion examples of people on TV/Movies/Media that wear it beautifully…. but most of these people have a team of people to help them

For every this:

pretty hair red lips

there are plenty more of this

and never mind the color sliding off your entire lip, except for the lining…

then you look like this all day:

click on the link for a red lip tutorial inspired by Sherlock’s Irene Adler

or if you forgo liner altogether and then get the bleeding… ugh

click to find more articles on red lipstick

this of course can  be controlled with a good primer as well as lip liner.  Even so, I obsessively check it when I get the chance.

Then there is choosing the wrong color…. sometimes the lights in the house REALLY make a difference!!

not everyone could pull this off!

Pinned Image

dark red lips

here’s a handy guide though:

and never mind that some reds will make your teeth look yellow!

Who Wants THAT?!!

Since this is something that embaresses most people, I will refrain from using a picture of an actual person that might be recognized:

I mean, maybe it doesn’t make it look MORE yellow, but just draws attention to the yellow already there?  I’m not sure, but it is something worrisome.

On the other hand, I have met some peole so crazy about bleaching their teeth that they turn blue.

of course I can’t find a good picture as everyone wants white teeth, but trust me.. in real life it’s freaky looking

But with does it make us feel glamorous?  Absolutely!!

Marilyn Monroe

Does it make us feel confident?  You better believe it!

Pinned Image

Does it make us feel sexy?… Mmmm Hmmmm

Pinned Image

It’s all kinds of things… It’s classic and pretty and bold at the same time.

Pinned Image

And while it may not be for everyday wear… though some cane pull it off that way, it’s definitely something every girl should try.

And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner…. why not start there?

Pinned Image


2 Responses to “Big Juicy Red Lips … should we?”

  1. Leela February 13, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    TRUE STORY!!! Every now and then I get that urge to just splatter on the red lipstick. I bought a raisin liner yesterday… I am getting warmer…

    • toonerdygirls February 14, 2013 at 7:24 am #
          Start slowly… I have a great red gloss by Jemma kidd called dressed up…or something, heh
          Its nonsticky,and while it is a red, its much much softer. I wear that w some cream blush and some mascara… looks pretty but natural-ish..

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