Being Scared as An Adult

11 Mar



Okay, So I made the mistake of rewatching the Marble Hornets YouTube page recently.  (Did you know they will be making a movie?)  Plus there is a new SlenderMan game coming out….

I’m okay, I am a grown ass adult so it doesn’t bother me.

So here I am, putting away clothing and I hear a noise from the other room.  A really loud, really strange noise.

It’s a Furby going off.

Yes, it is ours but WHY IN GOD’S NAME did it start going off when no one else is in the house but me?? and it’s sitting on a counter, I know they’ll go off is someone moves them.  There is no TV in other room, it was just me, my dog, 30Rock reruns and then that thing…

So I can’t see out the door to the other room, from where I am, and there was NO WAY IN HELL I was poking my head out there.

Eventually, it announced “I’m Sleepy” and shut off.

Then my house phone immediately began to ring.

No one has that number.  No really.  Just two families, but instead it’s from a number I don’t recognize.  (319-535-2429) Which a quick internet search assures me is a scammer. I didn’t answer anyway.  All I had were of visions of a voice saying.. “Seven days….” So NO THANK YOU!

The TV starts buzzing periodically (it’s still on mute).

and now my dog won’t stop staring at the doorway, listening for… I don’t know what.

I don’t think I’m leaving my room for a while.

Plus I feel like  a moron because I’m an adult and I’m scared shitless at the moment.

Stupid, scary robotic animal toys, horror films, the internet and most importantly, my brain… UGH

.. my dog put her head down, but now my ipod’s alarm is ringing with an old timey phone ringer… stupid… now i have to go out there to turn it off

i forgot i had somewhere to be



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