Who wasn’t paying attention?

12 Apr

“District of Columbia Public Schools officials have long maintained that a 2011 test-cheating scandal that generated two government probes was limited to one elementary school. But a newly uncovered confidential memo warns as far back as January 2009 that educator cheating on 2008 standardized tests could have been widespread, with 191 teachers in 70 schools “implicated in possible testing infractions.” The 2009 memo was written by an outside analyst, Fay “Sandy” Sanford, who had been invited by then-chancellor Michelle Rhee to examine students’ irregular math and reading score gains. It was sent to Rhee’s top deputy for accountability.”


In the wake of the 80 million school scandals of *gasp* school officials blatantly cheating on standardized testing IN ORDER TO NOT LOSE FEDERAL FUNDING … well, like I wrote above.  Who the hell wasn’t paying attention?

Look I know the fat cats in DC take a while to know/learn/understand how us commoners feel but all they had to do was talk, listen, ask any educator about this YEARS ago and they would have found it that SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN FUDGING THE NUMBERS FOR STANDARDIZE TESTING FOR YEARS! 

The schools were already underfunded, the classrooms were full and if the kids didn’t MEMORIZE enough shit in the CORRECT ORDER and were not ABLE TO SPIT THIS BACK OUT, that meant that teachers and schools would lose money. 

This is like, the worst kept secret ever and it amazes me it’s taking so long to get noticed. 

From a tradition to asking the “special education” class to stay home on testing days or feeding the answers to kids…. teacher openly talked about the frustration of what they were TOLD TO DO by their administrations.  This is mostly based on fads and not about fostering a desire to learn or educate. 

The US is one of the lowest rated school systems in the world.  Think about it, there are a lot of people in this country.  We don’t want thinkers, we want people to memorize and when they don’t, we punish the schools, punish the teachers which all in the end PUNISH THE CHILD!!

This circle jerk thinking needs to end.

Seriously, if people are creating a work around, then the system isn’t working. 

How many teachers, administrators, school districts have to be put out there until there is a realization that it’s not an individualized problem?  The whole system is broken, but good news! Broken means it can be fixed! 

But not by blaming teachers (who get paid shit and then told to spend more time/work for free/spend their own money/get yelled at by administrators, parents and children alike) but by changing the system in itself. 

Seriously, just go ask a working joe sometimes. They could give you far better answers than someone who has never done the damn job and instead looks at a stack of statistics and makes decisions from their glass houses.


I am not an educator.

 I do not work in the education field.

I am however a lover of learning.

 I used to frustrate my teachers by asking too many questions in school.

Yes, you read that right, too many questions.

Do you know why this frustrated them?

Because it wasn’t set in the curriculum.

I would mess up their schedules, mess up the schedules of the classroom.

This would mean that I might mess up the testing for everyone.

It’s not that the teachers didn’t want to teach

they wanted to

but they couldn’t.

You could see the panic in their eyes if they got “off topic”

going back to their desks to check where they were in the books

if we didn’t get caught up

we might not pass the test

and then the school gets less money.

I was a student with a high IQ and poor aptitude for tests.

College classes in high school but no memorization skills.

Not an ideal student at all.

The school had high hopes for me in terms of test scores.

But they would tell how important this is,

you NEED to take these tests

you NEED to pass these tests

when one ended another began

I can’t even remember all the acronyms anymore

but the stress SCREAMED at us



a test is a test

it doesn’t define me

it TRIED to define me

the numbers shouldn’t be the end all in LEARNING


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