Interracial Commercials? BFD

11 Jun

So, while I do not tend to follow the news, it was brought to my attention that the following Cheerios commercial managed to piss off people:


I'm not really sure why this upsets people? The comments are disabled, which THANK YOU because comments just make me sad for humanity.

Why were people up in arms about that commercial and not this one?

Both feature interracial couples but one was offensive enough to land on the "news" and one was overlooked? Hey people are marrying outside of their immediate race. This is a fact of life which kudos to commercials for getting with the times.

Since everyone who contributes here is at least mixed race, considered a "minority" race, or lived some place where people can do this an no one bats an eye; this is not something mind blowing.

Meanwhile, this lady is allowed to walk around and give her opinion?

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