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Gravity Falls Conspiracy Twin Fun

4 Oct

So I’ve been saying for a while that Grunkle Stan has a twin.  (Stanford and Stanley)

I know that most of tumblr agrees and there are plenty of wonderful, better research sites that will pinpoint all the evidence towards this.

Mild Spoilers ahead and pic heavy….

Click the image to view some detailed evidence

Fun Fact: I originally thought this was an older Dipper when I saw this scene.

But does anyone else think that the Grunkle Stan in the episode Scaryoke is NOT Stanford Pines?

Firstly, the glasses are different.  Secondly, his behaviour and speech cadence seem a little off.  Finally, he starts off the episode saying that if it works, the last thirty years will have been worth it.  Was he in another dimension?  Was he hiding in the forest?

The very next episode Into The Bunker has the shapeshifter mentioning that his creator hasn’t been seen in thirty years


It’s some interesting stuff to think over.

Modcloth, Vickie’s or Where Do You shop for swimsuits?

8 Aug

My very first experience shopping with Modcloth.

This is a store where I have looked at, signed up and then because I live on a budget, I never bought a thing. But it was my favorite place to window shop, browse, create wishlists and get inspiration.

How seriously cute are these?!

After an entire summer involving driving up and down the coast line, involving creeks, beaches, bays, fishing, waterfalls, water parks, lazy rivers and pools *whew!* I realized my 2nd hand and bathing suits weren’t cutting it anymore. I had one sort of nice one that had no support but the rest were all bought on massive sale at the end of the season or given to me by family members. Even when not in the water, there were plenty of times this summer I would wear them beneath my clothing and I really wanted a couple that I could wear in confidence.

Like this chick here, amirite?

I began with Victoria’s Secret due to their sale and at the urging of friends. also bought three (yes three) separate bikinis from Victoria’s Secret and had to return all three of the bikinis due to a medium being too small, a large being too large and strange issues involving cup sizes in the tops as well. Very disappointing. My body shape didn’t lend well to any I tried on.

Maybe I should have stood like this in every picture?

So when I saw that Modcloth had a sale going on their swimwear I decided to bite the bullet and buy one of their fabulous Esther Williams one pieces as well as a high waisted bikini bottom.
I only looked at the sale section, and read through the comments to determine my correct sizing. Modcloth boasts an “easy” return policy. I made my first purchase with them, one bathing suit being a ten and another being a twelve. One was velvet. I’m not sure what I was thinking. It looked great in pictures and was rated well, but once I got it on, it looked terrible on me. So I hopped onto the website to start the return process. The bikini bottoms were ever so slightly too tight and allowed me to choose a different size. The bathing suit however, did not have an option to choose a non velvet style although the website states that it can be exchanged for the same item in a different color or pattern? I hopped onto the Customer Care link to talk to a representative. She put a note in that I could exchange the velvet suit for a more practical one, I choose the blue with red plaid as it was on sale and available in my size. The representative stated she put a note in the system to make the exchange. This was on July 19 and I finished up the return form, typed in the note concerning the Customer Care representative and sent that out the very next day.

This was me, excited, happy, not a care in the world.

In the meantime, the blue plaid swimsuit went on sale for 70% off and it was still available in my size. For under $30 I debated just buying it, but since I could see that my return was received on July 28, and there was a note in the system I was not worried. Nevertheless, I kept the website up, and checked the availability. Imagine my surprise that I get an email that they cannot fill the requirement for the suit on July 31. Wait? The return policy clearly states that it can be returned for the same item in a different size, color or pattern. Never mind that I was unable to choose another color or pattern on the website and had to follow up with a someone but that person’s note obviously did not make it to whomever holds merchandise aside for returns. I also, could have bought this myself had I known that there was such a lack of communication within the departments.

Okay, not that dire, but still, annoying when trying to get a banging swimsuit.


Since this was not only my first purchase from them but my first return, I’m not sure if I want to have further dealings with them. The products I have received from them have been top quality but I found the return policy to be a bit of a headache. I had to start online, start a conversation with a representative, finish the return online afterwards, print off a label, find a container to ship it in, send it off and my return item still wasn’t available? Now all the suits are either back to full price or no longer available in my size. Compare this to Victoria’s Secret where the return label is already printed, I just fill out the form and can even use the same bag it arrived in.

Have any of you ever had a bad return experience? If so, how did that affect your thoughts on the company?

what to do?

I Can Have Reasons to Be Judgey

28 Jun

By the way, I’ve looked at the word judge so much now, it looks like it’s spelled wrong.


I have been accused numerous times of being too critical of certain media. Sometimes this lends me well, as a beta reader for various scripts and novels for instance. Other times it seems to alienate me from conversations with others when they ask my opinion and my answer isn’t glib. Conversely, if I say “I liked it” then they feel that not enough information was given. It seems I can’t win.

Recently, I was recommended to watch True Detective and for no particular reason, I had held off. Crime dramas are not usually my cup of tea. Police procedurals give me headaches in their poor recreation of protocols and realistic shows mainly give me a misanthropic view for a time afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, I have read or watch numerous true crime but usually from case files, the boring stuff with underpaid, normal looking people and dirty concrete walls for interrogation rooms. Having known and worked with a number of police officers, including quite a few involved in criminal science divisions, these shows are far more interesting to me in character studies within the political climate that can be involved at times. So for these reasons, I don’t watch a lot of “detective” shows.
After seeing it was only eight episodes, I gave in. I know it’s rated well, and it’s well acted, actually allowing me to like Matthew McConoughey for the first time ever.


This version of him (in just about every movie) always got on my nerves.


While I found this version enjoyable.

But after a while, it became plugging in to get to the end result. This will probably earn me quite a few enemies, but I’d like to get it out over the anonymity of the internet.

Spoilers ahead:
My issue with True Detective was that, it didn’t really offer anything new. For some reason, early on in the episodes, I had been reminded of “The Killing List”. Both provide exposition on two men who work together; one a family man, the other is wild and single. There are differences of course, but the format remains similar. They both provide an exposition of their personal lives and professional lives, the walls that may need to be placed in order to deal with the horrible things they’ve seen. Both even deal with occult-ish symbolism and bad men going after worse men, reinforcing that there are varying degrees of “good” and “bad” in this world. Each also have various discussions concerning religion and morality, questioning, without questioning whether they are actually intrinsically tied together? But I probably won’t revisit either show or movie again anytime soon.
I must be the only person in the world a little tired of worlds where men win by machismo and women are only extensions of the male leads. This may seem like a little thing but after reviewing maybe three novels in the last month and arguing against why I had no desire to see Wolf of Wallstreet, it all comes across a bit tiring. (FYI full of T&A is not a selling point for me) Someone voiced to me how women want movies that make them cry and men want things that blow up and it was extremely irritating. The success of Magic Mike has proven women don’t always want to cry and the fact that men have been going to see films like Maleficent proves that wrong.

But Maleficent was just so heartbreaking… .

Is it wrong to ask a little more out of movies and books? Break up the male gaze, make characters complicated, satire something, offer up more imagination, and don’t answer every little thing into a nice neat present by the end? They are not guilty of all these things, but most are guilty of more than one as a plot point. Of the three novels reviewed, one was post apocalyptic, one was science fiction and one was historic fantasy and every single one offered up boring ideas of gender, politics and the inner workings of the characters minds. I can’t understand why nomadic warriors living off the land would worry about propriety or why someone exerting their will onto another “for their own good” would be a precursor to kissing?

This scene is kind of horrific actually.

Entertainment Geekly has a wonderful article on the reasons why Hannibal has handled beautiful but horrific imagery better than both True Detective and Fargo. (Everyone go read it now, it’s much better written than this) But it was nice to see that others have thought the same things. Sometimes these shows (or books) take themselves a little too seriously and while well acted and beautifully shot, once again, don’t really offer up anything new or exciting? Or I have read and watched so much that it all seems the same to me at this point. While a fan of the original Hannibal series, I am also a fan of artists who can piece together darkness into eye candy. I am drawn to works that are visually interesting like films by Tarsem Singh or Chan Wook Park, artwork by H.R. Giger fall into this category as well as photographer Florio Sigismondi’s work. I can even forgive a poor story (to a point) if the visuals are meant to draw the viewer in, but usually a slick looking film is not enough to keep me drawn in. (I’m looking at you Michael Bay.)

Two batshit crazy people fall in love in a mental asylum, and it’s beautiful.

I have been accused of overthinking things, a lot. So that insult would be nothing new to me, but does anyone else wondering, while watching The Great Gatsby, why Daisy gets such an awful rep while Gatsby is the hero? Gatsby was a liar and criminal attempting to convince a married woman to run off with him. Does no one else question these things? I don’t doubt F. Scott Fitzgerald did while writing his novel, but with the numerous criticisms out there about Daisy’s character, where are the varying viewpoints on all the characters?

On a high note, I recently did see Absentia, a small indie film with loads of mood. This was a wonderful character study with understated creepiness. If anyone has any recommendations like this, I’d be happy to hear them.

Boys Over Flowers is my CrackFic

19 Mar

One anime, one K-drama, one fanfiction

So I was recently re-watching Ouran High School Host Club. It kept coming up as a recommendation on my Netflix account.  I kept avoiding it because it was so pink!  It looked like a romance story with flowers everywhere, also, high school was right in the name which wasn’t a big selling point, but it wouldn’t go away.  I noticed it on a couple lists of best Anime to Watch.  The most memorable description was from the website, The Mary Sue, which described it as disrupting the male gaze.  Curiosity got the better of me, and I’m glad it did!

It’s about a student who has to work for the host club to pay off a debt at an insanely rich academy.  It features familiar voice actors from Full Metal Alchemist and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, animated or not.  My favorite parts were the fluidity in regards to sex and gender ideals as well as it being hilarious.  I couldn’t believe how funny it was, and when it was over, I wanted more.   A quick search online brought up Boys Before Flowers (BOF) as “similar”.  Except it wasn’t listed as a comedy but a romantic drama.  It’s not really my thing and all I could see they had in common were a poor student attends an insanely rich academy and all the misadventures.   But since I was looking for something to replace Ouran, I tried it out.

At first… ugh, where do I begin?

Unlike Haruhi from Ouran, the main character of BOF, Jan Di, annoyed me so much.  Her character reminded me so much of older aunties from Korean church.  The faces she made, her style of talking and yelling at a moment’s notice.  So although she was supposed to be a cute high schooler, I just kept imagining a sixty year old Emo (honorific for older woman who is like family) which is a weird way to start out for a female lead character.

The situations were over the top, like ridiculous.  She is inconsistent in her characterization and the amount of money is highly obscene.  The men were abusive and there were LITERALLY no teachers at the school AT ALL.  (Except for one American guy droning on about Cocteau to high schoolers who weren’t listening).  In a way, it was like Twilight in that sense.  I actually liked the first film, because in it’s cheesiness, it made fun of itself just enough to elevate it to funny and kind of endearing.  (the sequels that began to take themselves too seriously were my least favorites). This appealed to me on the same kind of level.   Suspend belief for it’s duration and just hold on for the ride.

As the episodes went on, the situations became even more ridiculous.  It’s par for any soap opera, I guess, kidnappings, drownings, high speed chases, blackmail and contracts… no evil twins I guess.   It keeps from being trashy though with innocent performances from everyone involved.  They hold back so much that you can’t help rooting for them all.  JanDi’s acting evened out and her character seemed more at ease in scenes and the time was spent fleshing out main characters a bit more.  Secondary characters disappear without a trace.

And the next thing I knew, I was utterly obsessed with the show.

As it went on, I reminded me more and more of a AU Twilight fanfiction that I had also managed to fall in love with, years ago.  (picture will link to story on

Welcome to Tha Dogg Pound!

Both involve incredibly rich, good looking guys, especially the two male leads, one an arrogant prick and the other one, impossibly cool.

Of course, the story has loads of sex, drinking, drugs and swearing.  Trust me, it’s still worthy of your adoration.   If you’re into a poor girl infiltrating a super rich academy and schooling her fellow students.

In both, the characters, no matter how much back story, are still mainly tropes.  And the reason, I compared BOF to crack fic is that nothing can ever just be normal.  Something is always happening, just when there is a breather.  The most normal thing to happen is everyone sitting around in lavish surroundings and impossibly beautiful clothes discussing the crazy events that just happened, or were currently happening or about to happen.  Then again, if you’re looking to ogle some pretty good looking people, and lots and lots of pretty pictures of food (I love how we Asians love our food!!) watch it.

Yo, Yo, Yo, my bro.

I also wanted to throw out, that the one male who doesn’t lie to himself is part of the Mafia and likes to used American Gangster Speak.  That alone is worth the show, I think.  The equivalent in Scotch, Gin and the New Girl is a guy who says his life is like a 90’s rap song.  Also worth it.

click the picture for a book trailer to the Twilight AU all human fan fiction: Scotch Gin and the New Girl

P.S.  There are some American fans in the midst of creating their own version of Boys Over Flowers called Boys Before Friends.  To watch their first episode click here.

Since it is fan created and funded, to helo donate, click the picture below.

Living in the Bible Belt

12 Mar




Okay, I know a while ago I posted about moving to the south. … it’s been an *ahem* adjustment. 

The strangest thing is finally understanding this debate against evolutionists and creationists.  We on the site have had numerous conversations about this and I think it’s an example of the worst being the loudest.  … except they may be growing.

Let me explain.  

In one way or another, we have been raised in some type of religious families but there was never a dichotomy between the two.  Science is necessary and God set things into motion.  There was no reason to discount science just because someone believed in Christianity, Catholic, Judaism, etc.  We have worked in settings where the rule was, you could only celebrate yours if everyone’s was celebrated equally.  This included having kosher or halal foods during gatherings and different decorations.  It was a good opportunity to learn about others religions.  We had Atheists argue for commercial Christmas celebrations as long as there were no large lean towards the religious aspect (like a huge manger seen in the lobby). 

Churches taught evolution hand in hand, goodness a Catholic Priest helped out on the Big Bang Theory! 


What you wear is your own business.  Living together before marriage? Well in this day and age, it may be necessary.  Have a troubled past? So what, that has nothing to do with you now.  Orange mohawk?  Awesome.  Gay?  Who is it hurting?  Child out of wedlock?  Eh, it happens. 

Questions are good!  Encourage kids to questions!! This may come from someone kicked out of more than one sunday school while growing up, but how is denying anyone the right to question going to help? Curiosity should be fostered in young minds. 

Separation of church and state?  You bet! In the tradition of the founding fathers, no one wants another religion forced down their throats through laws.   And guess what?  Christianity in it’s own right has many many different factions that don’t agree with each other… so which one should be law?  



Wait, that’s crazy, laws aren’t there to force people to follow religion, right?

Maybe this is considered progressive to others but when you live in a densely populated area, you just learn about others. But in the end, it was the teaching that your religious journey is your own.  If you believed in a higher power, whether it’s in God or Science or anything else, that was your own.  Other people may not believe that same things but that does not make it invalid.  

Occasionally people bitched, one way or the other, but what are you going to do? You can’t make everyone happy.  



And then I moved to the bible belt.  






I could probably write posts for a year straight about the culture shock.  The cities are okay, but the outlying areas are very different.



The worst is the dichotomy between religious and science.  I can understand why anyone who grows up in this environment would be turned off of any religion at all. 

I truly and honestly thought that the people that believe the world is 6000 thousand years old were a cult-ish offshoot of regular christianity.  Maybe I just managed to find a large concentration of them, but there is no reasoning with these people.  I mean, in a day and age where information is right at your fingertips, how can people be willfully ignorant?  Aside, from that, how is berating people into agreeing with you not bullying?  Its ridiculous and peer pressure of the worst kind.  


Futurama always wins.



To the people here, I am probably more atheist than anything although I have a better understanding of the bible itself and not just topical teachings that people follow only on Sunday mornings.  Whatever you believe, if you profess yourself a Christian, this involves, specifically, being more like Christ himself.  A brown man who bucked the current system, who believed in socialism and surrounded himself with the most judged but did not judge them.  Yes, there are other things in there that are just wrong or outdated, but the point is to change as we gather more information.  It is not a literal book.  It is a book though and like everything else in life, there needs to be a discerning mind while reading it.  This is something I found severely lacking in legalistic christians, the ones who dictate what you should wear, how you should speak and what you are doing on sunday mornings or your evil and will go to hell.  

Ugh, who wants to hang out with those people?

I find it particularly offensive that someone walks up to ask how my relationship with god is.  Everyone’s personal spiritual journey is their own and to me it’s akin to walking up to a stranger and asking how their relationship is with their spouse/significant other. 

I find it offensive that someone uses the bible as the utmost authority on history and science. No one uses a book about gardening to teach math and this is the same premise.  And I find it offensive when someone uses their personal spiritual guidelines as a reason to judge and oppress others that are different from them.  



The best thing a Baptist family was that if they were unsure of what to do, they would err on the side of grace and love.  Very gentle, caring people… but, obviously, not everyone is like that. 

let me give an example.  

someone I know got married.  Had a simple non-denominational wedding with open bar.  A guest, felt the need to complain of the evils of alcohol.  

So, a bunch of us, felt the need to walk over to him, double fisting, and downing whatever we could.

Yes, two wrongs don’t make a right but no matter how right you think you are, why the need to bad mouth someone’s wedding choices?  Plus everyone who overhears you, you think they’re saying… “wow he’s right, what a good christian man?”  No, everyone (those poor people at his table) thought, what a douche whore and buzz kill. 

And it’s upsetting, because there were a bunch of people with different beliefs there, Mormons, Jews, Atheists,  Wiccans, Catholics and the only one being a douche whore, was a Christian guy.  Not the only one, just the most vocal.  

Living in the bible belt, is like living among a bunch of people just like him.  


Save me. 


DIY Might Kill Me

11 Mar


So maybe like other kids who grew up on video games, books and science experiments, I may have some fairly bad allergies.  It’s enough to impede me from say, running outdoors above 60 degree weather as my sinus passages swell shut and I transform into a mouth breather.  And because I’m breathing through my mouth, my chest starts to hurt, which slows me down.  I used to be an avid runner, but only indoors or on cold days.  I may also have to wear a mask whenever I vacuum and I am forbidden to dry dust.  After three sinus infections in four weeks from helping clean out a basement, I saw my ENT, tried medications but each one had a different side effect.   Some gave me a headache and made me nap for hours, others made me so groggy for twelve hours or more, and still others made me nauseated, like an all day hangover.  In the end, at the advice of my ENT, changing the habits around the house helped more than anything.  

For instance, the temperature needs to stay low in the house whenever possible, below 70 degrees to keep dust mites from multiplying as fast.  Plastic covers on the mattress and pillows and all cotton bedding, because it will get washed each week in hot water.  Those are just some examples. 

Tom Hiddleston sneezing



Well, there’s been a lot of small renovations going on and the dining are was first because it’s so rarely used. The last thing I needed to make it perfect, were to finish the chairs stashed in the attic.  No one was sure how old they were but they were rinsed down  when we inherited them but still didn’t seem clean.  They had plastic on the seat cushions but not enough padding, I knew that would have to be replaced.  I also had a plan to paint them.

I was in high gear, I brought three down, took them outside and immediately tackled the screws and upholstery.  When given to us, the original owner kept saying, they were practically new, the plastic was still on them.  Once flipped over and unscrewed, it was obvious that the seats had been recovered once before with vinyl cloth and then clear plastic on top.  Someone was worried they were going to get dirty!  Well, the vinyl was brittle to the touch and the fabric underneath was either ugly or dirty. The plan was to just clean and paint them and then they’d be ready for fabric when I got it.

The chairs refused to cooperate.  They were filthy, I mean, awful.  I was using some wood cleaner and outside on a nice day and the rags were just turning brown and orange.  There was no way they’d be ready to paint the same day. I was disappointed but kept cleaning and at my third chair, had to stop.  I was so nauseated that I was unable to stand up.  My chest was hurting, my breathing labored and I was dizzy and immediately had to lay down.  It was like being struck with immediate and severe pneumonia.  (which I have had before, so I do know what it feels like).  Once I was able to stand, I had to take a shower to get anything off me that may have been stuck to my hair and clothes.  


I left everything outside and went to bed early.  But I did not feel rested.  

Maybe it was the “John Dies at the End” movie I was watching prior to bed but I had a ridiculous nightmare about demonic possession at a mall with some friends.  I can’t remember the details but I do remember waking up at 2:59, my chest hurting, terrified and exhausted.  



But because it was 3am and I have some people wanting to tell me about evil spirits and some significance of that time, I was too freaked out to go back to sleep.  Except, it must have happened because when I next looked at the clock, it was 5:30.  Thanks to changing the clocks, this was too early to get up, but not really enough time to go back to sleep, but I did it anyway because I was so tired and still felt so crappy.  

I woke to a heavy feeling in my chest and plodded around debating on taking a nap right after a cup of coffee.  Ever needing to be productive, I did paint the chairs but needed to rest frequently between coats.  

Sometime during this, it came to my attention that none of my home phones were working.  I have internet phone, but I knew the internet was fine.  I checked the connections, all working and searched around for my cell phone.  It must be dead because I can’t even call it to find it.  Then the beeping started from the surge protector.  It was a nice day out, no storms, no cold and when I went to investigate, it stopped. 

Later on, while the phone started working, no one could hear me on them.  


not working… dean’s solution? chuck it



Aside from the weirdness, I kept figuring, how would I call anyone if I needed to?  I haven’t touched the other chairs because I actually feel so ill, and I’m not going anywhere near the fabric on those seats.  I will have to bribe someone with a stronger immune system to do that for me. 




just need a record

4 Mar



so I just need a record of what’s been going on.  




Starting with Valentine’s Day, I wanted to get into the spirit of the day by wearing red.  I went to look for some festive earrings and my jewelry box was passed down from my mother in law (who is now deceased).  I have owned the jewelry box for more than ten years at this point. As, I was picking out a pair of earrings, music began.  It has never played music in the entire time I have owned it.  it has a turn key at the bottom, but I can not remember the last time I even tried out the turn key.  It is tall, thin with glass doors and getting to the turn key while it is full of jewelry is not easy (like when directions are on the bottom of food trays)  So it played music for me.  When I went for my phone to record it, it stopped.  I found it strange but didn’t think anything more of it. I tried to shake it, move it to get it to play again but it wouldn’t.  I did not try the turn key for the reason stated above. 


while mine does not have a ballerina, and is actually tall and thin with glass doors (which makes a turnkey at the bottom severely impractical) it is no less creepy



Two days later, my significant other woke up with a pain in his side. They thought they were possibly sleeping on top of something in the bed but upon further inspection, there was a scratch.  A mark, a distinctive “X” on the upper stomach area on the right side.  Another scratch slightly next to it, possibly in the shape of a lower case “b”.  Strange, but just a scratch, even though it was deep enough to still be painful and red twelve hours later. 


we do not have a sloth. we do own two dogs, it would have been noticeable had they jumped on the bed to scratch 🙂



Two nights after this, I woke up about 3:30 AM.  I had placed a large LED flashlight on the floor, next to the bed following a blizzard and when I awoke it was on.  This is no wimpy flashlight, some pressure has to be placed on the bottom in order to turn it on and off. After this, I was up for an hour at least.  In the space of five days, this all seemed a bit much.  



for the record, I may have welcomed the Winchester brothers being attached to the flashlight. This one is a massive commercial use one though, so my flashlight is much larger than Dean’s.




We had been unloading a lot of old boxes that had been packed up but not sorted through and were finding lots and lots of beautiful old items.  We have lived here for over a year with no issues (other than the weird Furby incident last March).  So what was going on?


So I mention it to my significant other, they tell me about a time when they were in the backyard doing yard work without their glasses.  (who does that??)  And they kept thinking they saw someone watching them.  It turned out to be a shadow, but they consistently thought that they were being watched from the same position.  They tell me this right before bed time… Like I needed that. 



Then when day, we had people here and my S.O. was talking to me.  They laughed about a kid hiding in our room, playing Hide and Seek.  When they went to look, the kid ran past me the other way.  They came back, and insisted they saw the child run into our room wearing a white shirt but it was a navy shirt and they had never gone into our room.


maybe we were victims of a cloning experiment



We have no answers, yet.  I have noticed a few other things, but I am not sure if they are my own forgetfulness or not.  Such as the dryer being on, when I don’t remember turning it on.  Or boxes being put in the wrong place or items being moved or out of order, but I’m not sure if someone used them.  Sometimes there are strange sounds, mostly loud bangs, usually only one or two at a time, that are too loud to be the house settling, but unsure how to pinpoint where they are coming from.  Of course, when we stop and try to listen or locate, they stop.  



I just needed this to be here for a record.  I will update if necessary.