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Cosplayers Unite!

1 Jun

Everyone should watch this awesome cosplay video!



Oz the Great and Powerful

20 Mar



LMAO… omg. seriously. the author needs some chocolate and a chill pill. I couldn’t read the whole thing.
Actually it seems like its a major gripe by people who are fans of baum’s books. He frequently had women in charge of things in his novels, generals, heroes, temporarily taking up the seat. Disny didn’t use any of his books and so none of it makes sense in canon. Why would a two bit magician be able to trick three experienced witches? Why did the women all need extra photoshopping on their faces. And the articles loves James Franco but says he and the actresses were all underutilized. I dunno, it wasn’t really anything I had wanted to go see, it was just interesting.

Here is my thing. Whoever wrote this went to the movie, and glanced at it about four fucking times before she sat down and wrote an entire article about how weak the characters were. Deep down, it makes me question if deep down the author herself, doesn’t think that highly of women in general.
Only ONE witch was tricked by this guy. One of them was evil, and was pretending to be dumb. The other Glinda (played by Michelle Williams) was basically telling him fake it till you make it, we were told a savior was coming, looks like you’re all we got.
The author here was reaching, and turning things into something they are not. And thus upholding the very reason feminists aren’t taken seriously.
Now, I have never read the books, so I am not familiar with the whole strong women characters he has in his books. That part I can see as upsetting, because its not true to the book. However, lets look back at how they had the characters in the original and how they portrayed Glinda. Oh thats right, like a sweet dumb benevolent gentle witch. SURPRISE! That’s exactly how she was in the movie. Minus the dumb.
Furthermore, the reason he could not kill Glinda, was not because of her “beauty” as the author would have anyone who has not seen it believe, but because SHE LOOKED JUST LIKE THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE.
So my message to the author, before you go and write an entire article and bash a movie, PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION to what is going on.
Oh and please, we don’t know any men in leading roles who turned evil over a broken heart? DARTH VADER ring a bell bitch? again. But its okay for him because he has balls? But not for her because she has ovaries?

First everyone has issues with annie(kin) heh
Glinda actually DID come across kind of brainless in the movie
But in the books she ruled over quadling country. Did the movie even talk about the ozma’s?
Lol I love how passionate you are about this. It seems she did see the movie but not through the same eyes. Line I said, there are actually quite a few of these reviews going around.
I will say if you want to try on another wicked witch prequel, have you read Wicked?


I have Wicked. The hardcover was on sale so I got it. LOL I have not read it yet though. After I read the Wicked series I want to read the one about the Evil Stepsisters.
I didn’t mean to come off so passionate about a movie, but I really enjoyed it and the attempt to steal its thunder under the name of feminism pissed me off. lol

The movie had its flaws, weak woman characters were not one of them. lol
My BIGGEST MOST GIANT GRIPE (how do you like that english) is why was there no mention of the ruby red slippers? I wanted a bit of a back story on that.

Well that and that Disney went out of their way to make sure that any time there was a crowd scene, the front row had to have a black, an asian, a spic and white guy. I found it laughable. EVERY SCENE. lol

Maybe it was different eyes with which we watched the movie with, but trust me she could not be more off lol.

People had issues with Annie, but it happens. People change after being screwed over only all the time.


Especially if they are moody and cranky and met their wife when they were a know it all child who just happened to have the ability to build the protocol droid that happens to help their son in the future. Sorry… Lol there is my gripe.
The shoes were never mentioned in any other books. I think it was implied they were made by the witch herself.

It’s ok, Glinda was a redhead anyway. And all the costumes and all make her blonde ( just like Cinderella… Her hair is so light now!! Why is that Disney?)

And no…. When I watch the Disney channel , I Never notice something like that!! Lol
PC means not talking about PC

LOL rule number one, no one talks about episode 1-3 unless we are talking about how big of a badass Darth Maul was and how WEAK his death was…

My other gripe with the Disney channel, I feel like they try to get really good looking white kids, and the comic reliefs are always chunky brown and not that attractive… IE The best friend on Teddy, and the best friend on Austin and Ally, the best friend on ANT Farm. (the one on ant farm is a boy, he’s not fat but he’s not good lookin lol)

I dunno. Just a random observation.


how about I’m more surprised shes redheaded? made sense to change it then, as she’s a good witch and gingers are evil and have no soul.

Oh no you are right. The suite life on deck… Good luck charlie….That’s their formula I guess.

On the other hand, are you watching gravity falls? Because you should be


Well , she’s a redhead in the old movie, strawberry blonde
But the costume always comes across like this


Meanwhile, I did see Spring Breakers and James Franco was DISTURBING!



representin’ florida bitches

Cosplayers Party On

7 Jan

This is a wonderful cosplay video that anyone who likes to go to conventions, watch cosplayers or love to dress up to definitely take a look at and support!
I think that all the cosplayers did a fantastic job on their costumes!

London Comic Con – May 2013 – Cosplay Music Video by Sneaky Zebra

Wreck It Ralph is Crushing It

19 Nov

So I went to see Wreck It Ralph with a mixed bag of people this weekend.

and… Great Green Yoda Ghost……

It was AWESOME!!!

There were so many reasons to like this movie.  First there were nods to many games over the years, even the background characters were all exciting to glimpse.

how many of these guys do i know??

The games created for the movie were done really well.  They were all familiar in a way you really felt that Hero’s Duty *giggle* (not THAT kind of duty!) could be a real game.  The characters, behavior, graphics, music were all spot on.  All of the in movie games were that way.  Fix It Felix Jr had residents that looked like weebles and had jerky movements in that retro 8bit gameplay kind of way.  Sugar Rush had an entire world that … well, one made me want candy, but the music and graphics were just…. I mean, I could see that as a racing game in an arcade.  It’s like CandyLand, Strawberry Shortcake and crack all got together, and I really mean this in the best way possible.

Plus, the voice actors were great.

Jack McBrayer from 30Rock (the show with all the Star Wars reference)


John C Reilly (from everything…. Wiki him if you don’t believe me)


Jane Lynch from Glee, A Might Wind, Sam’s mom from iCarly… a ton more shit

Sarah Silverman, you know, Fry’s girlfriend from Futurama…. wait… someone just told me she had a show?

and seriously, I didn’t realize this til the credits but… Wash?

Is this guy:

And the Contra nod…

these graphics are TIGHT son!

well I ended up saying it OUT LOUD in the theater and no one near me new what I was fangirling about.

I almost had an Iron Giant moment (please see the post about bawling my freaking eyes out)

But thankfully, did not have a ridiculous moment crying my eyes out over a cartoon…. because that doesn’t happen!!!

But, seriously, go see this movie.  I had someone say… oh.. you picked this over Breaking Dawn?

(not a fake background)

I will admit, I wasn’t sure what to think.  I haven’t been too keen on Disney’s stuff as of late.  The Pixar stuff is, of course, love.  But the animated movies themselves… Wreck it Ralph made me excited again.  Yes, they took some cues from Pixar.  There is an animated short at the beginning that had no words and yet not one kid in that theater said ANYTHING when it was on.

To that I say, THANK YOU to Disney.  For bringing back wonder and quality.

and even if it seems a little familiar:

familiar things can bring comfort too.

like this picture… see how familiar they are….. Yikes… maybe not

(Oh, and for all you haters about… do kids even hang out at arcades anymore??  I was ALSO at an arcade this weekend that had tons of kids there doling out their quarters.  so :P)


Light Sabers or Wands??

19 Jul

funny celebrity pictures - Would You Rather: Wand Or Lightsaber?

From: Lela   Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 4:01 PM   To: Mickey   Subject: light saber vs. wand
From: Mickey      To: Lela        Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 4:11 PM   Subject: RE: light saber vs. wand
Why do I have to choose?
This is like choosing between snicker doodle cake with brown sugar icing and Kahlua cake with coffee  butter cream …
From: Lela            Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 9:23 AM   To: Mickey   Subject: Re: light saber vs. wand
I KNOW!!!!
I chose the saber.  But only because the other girl chose the wand and was trying to tell me that there was no contest.  Um, No.  There is a contest.  That is quite possibly the toughest decision most of us would have to make.
I’m really bad at making decisions as well..
From: Mickey      To: Lela     Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 9:27 AM   Subject: RE: light saber vs. wand
I mean… I’m so accident prone, it would  probably be like that time Ron hit himself with his spell.
It could potentially be a disaster. 
I guess a light saber would be more for people who have control issues.  I mean… a saber is more like a computer, it will do what you want it to do, right?  What you put in is what you get out?  A wand isn’t always like that?
From: Lela     Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 9:34 AM  To: Mickey    Subject: Re: light saber vs. wand
See, to me, a saber is a powerful weapon, by itself.  The wand by itself, is just a stick really.  So to me, the saber wins there.
Although I too, am accident prone.  I can see me slicing off my own limbs easily with one sneeze and drop of a saber…
From: Mickey Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 9:38 AMTo: ‘Lela      ‘Subject: RE: light saber vs. wand
Well we might just need one of the Wii wrist bands in case we accidently drop it?
Also, since Jedi’s build their own, we would probably have to include a pressure system that if you release the grip, the light saber automatically retracts?  Is that the right word?  Turns off???
But you know what I mean, like on treadmills where if you fall over you won’t get your skin ground off by the tread moving, it turns it off if you pull on that stupid little string you clip to yourself. 
Or in my case, you get your arm stuck in it and repeatedly turn the treadmill off anyway, plug it back in and start again in some weird spastic way of trying to “increase my endurance”
wait… what?
From: Lela       Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 12:49 PM     To: Mickey     Subject: Re: light saber vs. wand
Good call on the retracting pressure system.  I would also like to include using some never before seen colors.  Maybe a fuchsia?  I mean Mace Windu already took purple.  Or a rainbow saber?!?!?!?!?   😀
I dig the auto retract, that way if we have to throw the saber into the air while we flip over a nemesis and then catch it, it can retract in the air that automatically pop back when we land and it is back in our hands!  That would be pretty awesome. See how much more fun sabers are over wands.  I mean, with a wand I guess we could carve a pretty one and slap some paint on it.
From: Mickey        To: Lela          Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 12:52 PM   Subject: RE: light saber vs. wand
… I think I just had a horrifying image of a hello kitty light saber..
Wait does one exist yet??
Now that I’ve had time to think this over though… if we’re using a saber though, we’re Jedis, who went through Jedi training… and maybe we won’t BE that clumsy?
If it’s anything like the Kinect game training, I am SADLY LACKING and apparently very incompetent as a Jedi.
From: Lela     Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 12:53 PM     To: Mickey     Subject: Re: light saber vs. wand
THAT GAME IS OUT FOR KINNECT?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?
hold the phone.
dammit is sure is.
You have a good point.  We can use the force to overcome our clumsiness, so no need to even worry…


From: Mickey Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 12:09 PMTo: ‘Lela     Subject: RE: light saber vs. wand
You should play it…. Nothing will scar you more than battling Han Solo to a rewritten version of Jason Derulo



Wearing Fandom Proudly

3 Feb

by etsy user buymycrap


So just yesterday I was lamenting that I still didn’t have a Hunger Games shirt that I liked.  Today I see an update on merchandise for the upcoming film.  I saw the above and immediately thought of Lela.  I, myself, am partial to the bracelet they have.

And I started thinking… why does it need to be a shirt?  I know that’s the easiest way to wear something that supports your fandom, but it is certainly not the only way.  There are various ways to stamp your merch with designs and phrases of things you know and love.  Just a few posts ago, I mentioned owning robots on shoes, socks and ornaments, so why wasn’t I applying this to THG?

My cell phone case is Star Wars and I have various coffee mugs with characters on them, such as, the Avengers and Harry Potter.  A few years ago I bought a nice leather cuff bracelet with Jack and Sally on it as a gift and just this past Christmas, I found a Rainbow Brite reusable water bottle.  There are various toys and action figures around my home ranging from South Park characters, Spock (in a transporter tube that lights up!), Sherlock Holmes lego figurines, Cybermen, Futurama action figures…. My fridge is covered in various magnets, so there is no shortage of professing what I enjoy… in my home.  Its the stuff I want to wear out that shows it, althought the Reavers shirt from yesterday should have been offered in an apron.

So when I started scouring the internet for non-apparel related things, of course I was directed etsy mostly.  So, I’m going to include some links to other stuff I found, looking around the internet.  The links to the etsy users are under the pictures.

This user has a ton of different skins for iphones, nooks, kindles… all kinds too; Charlie Brown, Nintendo Controllers, Star Wars, vintage cameras, Minecraft.

So I was on etsy and found the above resin bracelet for the Weeping Angels which also linked to this gorgeous Hunger Games bracelet.

There are more bracelets on the website.   Definitely worth a look around!

How else do you show off your fandom??