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When RealLife gets in the way of our bitching…

9 Nov

So Leela and I had realized we were slacking pretty hardcore on this site.  (and the twitter, tumblr and pinterest account….)

But we have good reasons!! On top of being full time employees with at least one job, between us, we have school, families, internships, dating, moving and of course, the holiday season…




I mean… we’re not just making excuses here, I am seriously behind on The Walking Dead, because I don’t have the time to watch TV anymore!!  I haven’t started reading any new fanfiction, no obsessing over Catching Fire Behind-the-Scenes stuff, I think I barely even caught Halloween with the hurricane and losing electricity and all.


who’s scared of the dark?


Anyway,I am the one who is moving… most likely… AGAIN!


I had posted earlier about moving into a house with books, books and more books!  This SEVEN months ago.  About two months ago I got this house JUSTSO.  It was organized and I could find a place for most of my things, I had plans I tell you! All these ideas, days of scouring pinterest, buying things on sale to make this place my own… and I’ll probably be out of here in the next two months or so….


oh will I ever have a place to call my own??

Don’t get me wrong the place I’m in now.. perfect, really.  Some of the paint was dated, but it has great bones.  Only 20 years old, great condition.  Any changes I wanted to make were purely cosmetic.  (Anyone looking for a nice place to rent?)  2700 sq feet (not counting the fully finished basement), enclosed deck overlooking a nice yard with a fence and a small garden.  A sitting room, TV room, two guest rooms and an ENTIRE ROOM filled with bookshelves and the they were filled to the ceiling with books! This room had an overstuffed sofa, a few comfy chairs and good lighting… and when people came over, they gravitated into the room to relax… Just what I wanted it for.  *sniff*  and now I have to move on and pack it all up again.

The house is smaller than the current one, larger than the last one… but all my furniture did double duty in the last one because there was NO storage.  This one had LOADS of storage everywhere!  and no room for my bulky furniture.  The next one…. well, heh, I haven’t seen it yet.  Only time will tell, but from the looks of the pictures, I will need to have a yard sale.


selling my shit fo’ cash


So, I’m back to collecting ideas on pinterest for the next place.  I will definitely be stuck at the next place for at least a couple years, so I have time to repaint a few things and make some personal changes.

In the meantime…. we have a few ideas we just need to expand on before we throw them up here to share.


Until then,







29 Aug

I am NO FAN of Michael Bay’s…. going back to… well forever I guess. 

His films are boring, predictible in storyline and chaotic visually. 

BUT, if you’re going to the cracktastic angle, this review of Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie is pure entertainment.  I snorted out loud listening to this.

I will throw this out, I do not know if this is a real script.  It could be a “what would Michael Bay’s TMNT script be like?”, like when people do fake Michael Bay posters, but at least it’s entertainment if you’ve got some minutes to kill.  

What am I saying?  Of course you have minutes to kill, why else would anyone be reading this site?

Michael Bay's leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script is full of bad ideas



Worst “The Hunger Games” Movie Reaction Post Ever

19 Apr

From: Mickey
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 4:41 PM
To: Lela
I think next week we should do Hunger Games movie reaction?

From: Mickey
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 10:33 AM
To: Lela

I saw it

Have you seen it?

From: Lela
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 10:38 AM
To: Mickey

No. 😦


From: Mickey
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 10:48 AM
To: Lela

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    When?

From: Lela
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 10:58 AM
To: Mickey

I got sick and kept having dizzy spells. But I did watch more Doctor Who. 

From: Mickey
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 12:50 PM
To: Lela
Subject: Katniss’s weight an issue?

Jennifer Lawrence’s weight was complained about??

From: Lela
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:18 AM
To: Mickey




 From: Mickey
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:30 AM
To: Lela

Ok, which parts?? I LOVED the additional scenes!  I loved Seneca Crane.  The riot in eleven, that choked me up more than Rue, probably because I didn’t expect it.

From: Lela
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:43 AM
To: Mickey

So, I cried at the Reaping, I cried saying bye to Prim.  I cried when Rue died, I cried with riot in 11…  I cried.  A lot. I pretty much left that theatre looking like I was in a fight, hair was all messed up because my ass kept falling asleep so I would have to move and adjust, black lines down my face from makeup.  HOT MESS.

I love how they showed the control room in the Capitol. I think they did a good job with the mutts (I was worried about that).  I have a question was the part of Peeta throwing the big metal ball in the book?  I didn’t remember that at all.

PS  Even though I am warming up to Peeta, I am still Team Gale.

the real trio

From: Mickey
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:46 AM
To: Lela

Pshhh how could you not be team gale?

I expected to cry more and did not.  Maybe because I was bracing myself for it.

I loved seeing the control room.

From: Lela
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:45 AM
To: Mickey




From: Mickey
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:46 AM
To: Lela

Yea… people didn’t actually READ and ASSUMED that she looked like Prim because she reminded Katniss of her sister.

Remind and LOOK LIKE read differently, they also do not mean the same things.

But you know what they say about assuming…

From: Lela
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:55 AM
To: Mickey

…makes a racist out of you and me? 

From: Mickey
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:56 AM
To: Lela

Well I guess that’s how the saying went.

She never talks about races so it’s all inferred, but that far into the future, I’m sure people have other things to worry about.  Plus, if you’re district is cut off from other districts, much less the rest of the world… what’s your field of reference?

After reading the books a few times, I wondered if Betee and Wiress had Asian blood by the way they were described though.

 From: Lela
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 1:33 PM
To: Mickey


“Finnick is incredibly handsome. Really, he’s practically a joke of physical perfection — in Catching Fire, Collins describes him as a muscular, tan, bronze-haired dude with sea green eyes. So he’s either a merman or an Australian. But unlike Australians, Finnick’s beauty masks a bleak inner life: After winning his Hunger Games, he makes a life for himself as a high-class prostitute in the Capitol. It’s a tricky doucheboat-with-a-heart-of-gold role, requiring an actor who can be threatening, but also melancholy, but who can also pull off Finnick’s Caligula-worthy “Golden Net” outfit, which seems destined to test Catching Fire‘s PG-13 rating more than any kid-killing montage.

In Catching Fire, Finnick is about 24. But since the teenage Katniss and Peeta are played by Jennifer Lawrence (21) and Josh Hutcherson (19), it seems likely that Lionsgate would be willing to stretch the age range into the late ’20s or early ’30s. It seems to me that there’s one actor in Hollywood that’d be perfect for the role…but unfortunately, Chris Hemsworth happens to be the older brother of Liam, and it’s a well-known fact that the space-time continuum will implode if two Hemsworths appear in the same movie together.”

Armie Hammer

From: Mickey
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 1:39 PM
To: Lela

There’s a campaign for Armie Hammer, the prince from Mirror Mirror.

From: Lela
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 1:58 PM
To: Mickey

Meh.  He also looks too nice.  Finnick, to me has an asshole hottie face. lol Not a pretty face, if that makes sense.


From: Mickey
To: Lela
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 1:59 PM

Wasn’t he an ass in the social network?


 From: Lela
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 2:11 PM
To: Mickey

Yeah, I didn’t see that. Maybe he plays a good asshole?

You know who was meant for Finnick, but acted 20 years too early?  William Zabka.  Aka Johnny from Karate kid… although maybe he’s not pretty enough…

From: Mickey
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 2:15 PM
To: Lela

Or this guy back when:

But, I think it won’t matter?

It will be an Rpattz thing all over again, a Jhutcherson and Jlawrence thing

Everything will think they are all wrong for the part.

And after professional grooming, tanning and colored contacts and a personal trainer everyone will drool over him and say he was only the perfect choice…

But as long as he CAN ACT, I think most people will be happy.

The rest is all trickery.

From: Mickey
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 2:46 PM
To: Lela

Fun fact: Stephanie Meyers pictured Henry Cavil when writing about Edward Cullen.

 Pinned Image

From: Mickey
To: Lela
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 8:38 AM

Posting ideas:  list of movies that make you cry?

 From: Lela
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 9:29 AM
To: Mickey 

Easier.  How about a list that does not make me cry? 


From: Mickey
To: Lela
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 9:34 AM

I wanted to post about the movie.

From: Lela
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 9:36 AM
To: Mickey 

Doesn’t Hunger Games get its own post?


From: Mickey
To: Lela
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 9:37 AM

Would it be long enough? Do you want to write up something really long about the movie?

I think I wrote a really long one a while ago about the books themselves?

It was just going to be an aside how there were parts of the books I cried at more than the movie and different parts of the movie affected me.

From: Lela
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 9:45 AM
To: Mickey
I think it could be long enough, especially if you add pictures?  You can also add the fan videos.  The Rue and Katniss one from Mainstay Productions made me cry more than the movie. 

Rue and Katniss – Mainstay Productions

 From: Lela
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 9:57 AM
To: Mickey
Subject: Cabin in the Woods


From: Mickey
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 4:55 PM
To: Lela
Subject: RE: cabin in the woods

…. we never did write anything up for THG

From: Lela

Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 4:59 PM

To: Mickey

OMG we didn’t. Ok. Start it off.

From: Mickey
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 6:44 PM
To: Lela
Subject: RE: cabin in the woods


What do I even say that hasn’t already been said?



I’m just directing to various other blogs and websites that wrote up well reactions:

“strongest female performance in an action film since Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and this has got to be one of the biggest reasons for the success.”

Ripley – BAMF

Puzzles, Half Truths and Unreliable Narrators

14 Mar


 Pinned Image

I just finished Portal 2.  Yes, I know, I AM SO BEHIND.  In reality, I wanted to wait until the price went down and then I needed to find time to finish the game.  Seriously, if I don’t reign myself in, I can literally sit around for hours getting sucked in. I would stay up all night playing Half-Life.  I finished The Indigo Prophecy in one weekend.  I would easily log in eight hours at a time on Resident Evil. 

Now that I have a real job and a home to take care of and family close by, all these things take up time.  So gaming time is normally limited to the late evening, early night for a few hours.  Plus, I have to share a gaming system, so even if it is free, there is no guarantee it’s my turn to play.  So finishing a game in the space of days has turned into MONTHS of play for games like Heavy Rain.  (Some of that though may have had to do with the subject matter, which really stressed me out if I played too long.)


 Pinned Image

I will say, most of the games that I played go back to days on the computer itself.  Remember Zork, Myst, 7th Guest, or Missing?  There was a lot of thinking and yes, possibly even note taking involved in these games.  But the mystery can be what makes these stand out in my mind, exploring and experimenting until something worked. 

This is the same with Portal 2 and at the end of the single player game(I am still in the middle of co-op), I was curious about certain aspects of the game. 



Yes, I saw her name on the potato project, which made me wonder how long she had really been in the facility.  Seems that the smart thing to do would be to keep all the people there that day, put them in long term sleep to wake up whenever a new test subject is necessary. 

I saw a lot of debates on whether anything GLaDOS said should be trusted and how the main protagonist is silent and the ones who do speak are unreliable narrators.  A lot has to be inferred on what the player can actually see, as well as trying to decipher what could be useful information to you and what is only useful to someone else at your expense.  GLaDOS, and by extension the other AI, are unreliable.  Some of them indicating they were only doing things because they were told not to and given a made up consequence if they violated the rules. 

There are a lot of illusions to the story of Prometheus in the story, as well as some dark humour.  Loved it. 

Of course, there aren’t really any clearer answers by the end of the story, just clearer questions to ask. 

It’s very smart that the narrative trips you down memory lane to give you this, because even after the game is over, there are still things your mind lingers on. 

Plenty of movies follow the same;  the ending of Inception, Source Code,  the whole of Donnie Darko,  parts of Moon, Stay, The Machinist, PI, Fight Club, Momento, American Psycho.   Some of this is due to the viewer’s perception based on not being given enough information but in plenty of these examples are also faulted by an unreliable narrator.  Some movies at least tie up things in a nice bow at the end but really… don’t some people just love not always having the answers?

Haymitch gives advice to Katniss. But how much isn't he telling?


The Wicked novels by Gregory Maguire, just ended with “Out of OZ” and there is some question of an extra character being included by the end.  I asked the only other person I know who has read the entire Wicked series and she gave me her view, which is very different than mine had been.  The forms have tons more speculation, which was just fascinating to read.  Even “The Hunger Games” (really gearing up for the movie’s midnight showing) has questions of whether Katniss is a reliable narrator?  Is she being too hard on the people around her?  How clearly does she really see these people?  As the series goes on, it becomes quite obvious that she was left in the dark for a number of things going on around her, so her perception is very unreliable at times.  In the case of THG, there is a fanfiction author I enjoyed named “Solaryllis” who does a good job of trying to fill the holes in of what is actually going on within the confines of Suzanne Collins story.  To be fair, this made me more sympathetic to certain characters that we don’t get much background motivation for in the novels.



Pinned Image 

But let’s move on to one of my favorite puzzle like books with an unreliable narrator, “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski.  It is the story of a young man, Johnny, who finds a manuscript in the aparment of a man named Zampano, titled “The Navidson Record”. This is a tale about a house that is bigger on the inside and how it affects the family who lives there.   Almost everything in this book is ambiguous, from who the “writer” is, how much of the original story has been changed in the narrative and how much influence the companion piece “The Whalestoe Letters” have on the psyche of the narrator.  There is even a footnote indicating that the person who found “The Navidson Record” is making conscious changes to the story.  After that, you begin to wonder what other changes he is making based on his mood or other outside influences.  The best part is going on to the forum website and seeing the little notations people found, like the midi file hiding on the cover that plays “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again” or the secret codes hidden in some of the letters.  Then there is the CD “Haunted”, written by Poe and the author’s sister.  They were obviously inspired by each other during the creative process which makes things so much more interesting. 


 Pinned Image

In just about any of these cursory internet searches, it points the way to the forums where loads of fans discuss theories in the books, little nuances they noticed along the way.  Even more fun can be TV Tropes WMG (Wild Mass Guesses)  where they freely admit all sanity is left behind.  But in all cases, the fun is in the debates, the fun is in the guessing and throwing out conspiracies and finding things to back it all up.   A good story is one that stays with you long after you’ve finished the book, or watched the movie, or even finished the game.  It’s something that even years down the road, is something that sticks with you and, because of this familiarity, can be recalled with fondness.  It is something that when you revisit down the line, with a different perspective, may be looked at in a different way.  For this, I am glad that there aren’t always clear answers.

Wearing Fandom Proudly

3 Feb

by etsy user buymycrap


So just yesterday I was lamenting that I still didn’t have a Hunger Games shirt that I liked.  Today I see an update on merchandise for the upcoming film.  I saw the above and immediately thought of Lela.  I, myself, am partial to the bracelet they have.

And I started thinking… why does it need to be a shirt?  I know that’s the easiest way to wear something that supports your fandom, but it is certainly not the only way.  There are various ways to stamp your merch with designs and phrases of things you know and love.  Just a few posts ago, I mentioned owning robots on shoes, socks and ornaments, so why wasn’t I applying this to THG?

My cell phone case is Star Wars and I have various coffee mugs with characters on them, such as, the Avengers and Harry Potter.  A few years ago I bought a nice leather cuff bracelet with Jack and Sally on it as a gift and just this past Christmas, I found a Rainbow Brite reusable water bottle.  There are various toys and action figures around my home ranging from South Park characters, Spock (in a transporter tube that lights up!), Sherlock Holmes lego figurines, Cybermen, Futurama action figures…. My fridge is covered in various magnets, so there is no shortage of professing what I enjoy… in my home.  Its the stuff I want to wear out that shows it, althought the Reavers shirt from yesterday should have been offered in an apron.

So when I started scouring the internet for non-apparel related things, of course I was directed etsy mostly.  So, I’m going to include some links to other stuff I found, looking around the internet.  The links to the etsy users are under the pictures.

This user has a ton of different skins for iphones, nooks, kindles… all kinds too; Charlie Brown, Nintendo Controllers, Star Wars, vintage cameras, Minecraft.

So I was on etsy and found the above resin bracelet for the Weeping Angels which also linked to this gorgeous Hunger Games bracelet.

There are more bracelets on the website.   Definitely worth a look around!

How else do you show off your fandom??

Graphic Tees We Love

2 Feb

So I was just going to publish a half post, mainly it was just to point any Firefly fans over to for this Reavers shirt but then I got to thinking.  I mean… where do people get their shirts?  I have a few I really like, a Forbidden Planet/Futurama mash up from and of course the Tardamask from  I’ve bought from ThinkGeek, Cafepress, Redbubble and DieselSweeties, but the internet has an endless supply of wonderful shirts.  DieselSweeties had a wonderful little handwritten note inside my purchase and I know that ThinkGeek had really good customer service if any of the purchases come out incorrect.

I am still, however, on a quest to find the perfect Hunger Games t shirt and I’m hoping with only 50 days left before the movie comes out that stores will start carrying more and more of them.

Where is your favorite place to shop for graphic tees?

What “The Hunger Games” is Wearing

24 Jan

Click the above if the gif doesn’t move

So I have been a real slacker lately but RL got in the way of posting. 

Over the past few days I have experienced two cars slide down a driveway into the street (yay for black ice!), paintball guns (not part of a game) and somehow managed to drip my ponytail into a 5 gallon bucket of aqua paint.  ALL NON RELATED ISSUES.

So I get a message that the official HG tumblr page opened for business and it brings a wonderful sense of excitement to the movie.  Its basically about fashion, the stylists and the looks for the capitol (duh based on the name).   It brings a whole new side to it that I’ll admit I didn’t think too much about when reading.  It almost makes it seem larger than life. 

So go over to , look around, clink links, participate in discussions and remember that tickets go on sale in less than a month!