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just need a record

4 Mar



so I just need a record of what’s been going on.  




Starting with Valentine’s Day, I wanted to get into the spirit of the day by wearing red.  I went to look for some festive earrings and my jewelry box was passed down from my mother in law (who is now deceased).  I have owned the jewelry box for more than ten years at this point. As, I was picking out a pair of earrings, music began.  It has never played music in the entire time I have owned it.  it has a turn key at the bottom, but I can not remember the last time I even tried out the turn key.  It is tall, thin with glass doors and getting to the turn key while it is full of jewelry is not easy (like when directions are on the bottom of food trays)  So it played music for me.  When I went for my phone to record it, it stopped.  I found it strange but didn’t think anything more of it. I tried to shake it, move it to get it to play again but it wouldn’t.  I did not try the turn key for the reason stated above. 


while mine does not have a ballerina, and is actually tall and thin with glass doors (which makes a turnkey at the bottom severely impractical) it is no less creepy



Two days later, my significant other woke up with a pain in his side. They thought they were possibly sleeping on top of something in the bed but upon further inspection, there was a scratch.  A mark, a distinctive “X” on the upper stomach area on the right side.  Another scratch slightly next to it, possibly in the shape of a lower case “b”.  Strange, but just a scratch, even though it was deep enough to still be painful and red twelve hours later. 


we do not have a sloth. we do own two dogs, it would have been noticeable had they jumped on the bed to scratch 🙂



Two nights after this, I woke up about 3:30 AM.  I had placed a large LED flashlight on the floor, next to the bed following a blizzard and when I awoke it was on.  This is no wimpy flashlight, some pressure has to be placed on the bottom in order to turn it on and off. After this, I was up for an hour at least.  In the space of five days, this all seemed a bit much.  



for the record, I may have welcomed the Winchester brothers being attached to the flashlight. This one is a massive commercial use one though, so my flashlight is much larger than Dean’s.




We had been unloading a lot of old boxes that had been packed up but not sorted through and were finding lots and lots of beautiful old items.  We have lived here for over a year with no issues (other than the weird Furby incident last March).  So what was going on?


So I mention it to my significant other, they tell me about a time when they were in the backyard doing yard work without their glasses.  (who does that??)  And they kept thinking they saw someone watching them.  It turned out to be a shadow, but they consistently thought that they were being watched from the same position.  They tell me this right before bed time… Like I needed that. 



Then when day, we had people here and my S.O. was talking to me.  They laughed about a kid hiding in our room, playing Hide and Seek.  When they went to look, the kid ran past me the other way.  They came back, and insisted they saw the child run into our room wearing a white shirt but it was a navy shirt and they had never gone into our room.


maybe we were victims of a cloning experiment



We have no answers, yet.  I have noticed a few other things, but I am not sure if they are my own forgetfulness or not.  Such as the dryer being on, when I don’t remember turning it on.  Or boxes being put in the wrong place or items being moved or out of order, but I’m not sure if someone used them.  Sometimes there are strange sounds, mostly loud bangs, usually only one or two at a time, that are too loud to be the house settling, but unsure how to pinpoint where they are coming from.  Of course, when we stop and try to listen or locate, they stop.  



I just needed this to be here for a record.  I will update if necessary. 





Star Trek 2

6 Jan

So right on the heels of this news:

Star Trek 2

“Two British television stars have reportedly been cast in the upcoming sequel. First up is Noel Clarke, best known as the Doctor’s former companion Mickey Smith on Doctor Who, who has been cast as “a family man with a wife and young daughter.” Clarke has confirmed his casting on his Twitter, though he didn’t comment specifically on what character he is playing. [Variety]

Next up is Sherlock star and owner of the most awesomely, ludicrously British name in history, Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s reportedly been cast in an undisclosed part, and that it’s reportedly a “lead role.”

I got very upset about the possibility of having to see Star Trek 2 in theatres based on the actors in the film.  I am a huge fan of Simon Pegg, Sherlock and Doctor Who and of Star Trek TOS, but I was not a huge fan of the last new Star Trek movie. ”

My rant went something like this:

Mickey:   Yea and Spock and Uhura… making out.  Plus planet exploding (Alderaan) um.. getting lost on ice planet (Hoth, although YAY for Leonard Nimoy!) the pacing was all Star Wars, not Star Ttrek.  I didn’t think it was an awful movie, just wished they’d kept the pacing of Star Trek, one thing about the originals is that it’s very cerebral.  A problem presents and normal methods don’t work, then it’s a lot of discussion about how to fix things.  Explained best by Philip J. Fry:

Fry: Usually on the show, they came up with a complicated plan, then explained it with a simple analogy.
Leela:  Hmmm… If we can re-route engine power through the primary weapons and configure them to Melllvar’s frequency, that should overload his electro-quantum structure.
Bender: Like putting too much air in a balloon!
Fry: Of course! It’s all so simple!

So I didn’t hate the movie, but I didn’t love it either.

Here was Lela’s take on it.

Lela:  I never watched the original remember? We had this convo.  But I would agree that the pacing of Star Trek was Star Wars-y.  I really enjoyed the movie though.  I think I watched it about 9 times… 

And because I loved Star Wars so much I was okay with it, the effects, the eye candy. 

Now, given the little I do know about Star Trek, I was not comfy with Spock getting down with the chick…  It logically, did not make sense.  I can see him maybe doing what she said because he loved her but didn’t understand the feeling, but yeah, didn’t like that part.  However the rest, okay by me. 

My dad is a huge Trekkie though and he loved the new movie.  I would imagine you feel the way about the new star trek as I feel about the new Clash of the Titans.

Blasphemous crap. 

Mickey:  Everyone felt that way about the new Clash of the Titans.

So yea… of course the admission that ST2 had a lot of Empire influence as well:

Producer Bryan Burk also discusses the sequel, suggesting the movie hits the ground running in a way the first one couldn’t:

“Unlike the last film, where we were restarting and setting up the characters … we’re going to jump right back in, and we don’t have to set up everybody and we can go right in it. We’re kind of in a mad dash at the beginning of the film. In all of our conversation, we reference a lot of our favorite films and how ‘Empire Strikes Back’ was spectacular and how they were able to pick up and keep going.” 


Anyway I’m going to throw out that everyone should be following George Takei  and Wil Wheaton on twitter as they are hilarious. 

And I will leave you with The Onion’s review of the Star Trek 1.  (And yes, I do know people IRL  that HATED the new Star Trek movie.)