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Living in the Bible Belt

12 Mar




Okay, I know a while ago I posted about moving to the south. … it’s been an *ahem* adjustment. 

The strangest thing is finally understanding this debate against evolutionists and creationists.  We on the site have had numerous conversations about this and I think it’s an example of the worst being the loudest.  … except they may be growing.

Let me explain.  

In one way or another, we have been raised in some type of religious families but there was never a dichotomy between the two.  Science is necessary and God set things into motion.  There was no reason to discount science just because someone believed in Christianity, Catholic, Judaism, etc.  We have worked in settings where the rule was, you could only celebrate yours if everyone’s was celebrated equally.  This included having kosher or halal foods during gatherings and different decorations.  It was a good opportunity to learn about others religions.  We had Atheists argue for commercial Christmas celebrations as long as there were no large lean towards the religious aspect (like a huge manger seen in the lobby). 

Churches taught evolution hand in hand, goodness a Catholic Priest helped out on the Big Bang Theory! 


What you wear is your own business.  Living together before marriage? Well in this day and age, it may be necessary.  Have a troubled past? So what, that has nothing to do with you now.  Orange mohawk?  Awesome.  Gay?  Who is it hurting?  Child out of wedlock?  Eh, it happens. 

Questions are good!  Encourage kids to questions!! This may come from someone kicked out of more than one sunday school while growing up, but how is denying anyone the right to question going to help? Curiosity should be fostered in young minds. 

Separation of church and state?  You bet! In the tradition of the founding fathers, no one wants another religion forced down their throats through laws.   And guess what?  Christianity in it’s own right has many many different factions that don’t agree with each other… so which one should be law?  



Wait, that’s crazy, laws aren’t there to force people to follow religion, right?

Maybe this is considered progressive to others but when you live in a densely populated area, you just learn about others. But in the end, it was the teaching that your religious journey is your own.  If you believed in a higher power, whether it’s in God or Science or anything else, that was your own.  Other people may not believe that same things but that does not make it invalid.  

Occasionally people bitched, one way or the other, but what are you going to do? You can’t make everyone happy.  



And then I moved to the bible belt.  






I could probably write posts for a year straight about the culture shock.  The cities are okay, but the outlying areas are very different.



The worst is the dichotomy between religious and science.  I can understand why anyone who grows up in this environment would be turned off of any religion at all. 

I truly and honestly thought that the people that believe the world is 6000 thousand years old were a cult-ish offshoot of regular christianity.  Maybe I just managed to find a large concentration of them, but there is no reasoning with these people.  I mean, in a day and age where information is right at your fingertips, how can people be willfully ignorant?  Aside, from that, how is berating people into agreeing with you not bullying?  Its ridiculous and peer pressure of the worst kind.  


Futurama always wins.



To the people here, I am probably more atheist than anything although I have a better understanding of the bible itself and not just topical teachings that people follow only on Sunday mornings.  Whatever you believe, if you profess yourself a Christian, this involves, specifically, being more like Christ himself.  A brown man who bucked the current system, who believed in socialism and surrounded himself with the most judged but did not judge them.  Yes, there are other things in there that are just wrong or outdated, but the point is to change as we gather more information.  It is not a literal book.  It is a book though and like everything else in life, there needs to be a discerning mind while reading it.  This is something I found severely lacking in legalistic christians, the ones who dictate what you should wear, how you should speak and what you are doing on sunday mornings or your evil and will go to hell.  

Ugh, who wants to hang out with those people?

I find it particularly offensive that someone walks up to ask how my relationship with god is.  Everyone’s personal spiritual journey is their own and to me it’s akin to walking up to a stranger and asking how their relationship is with their spouse/significant other. 

I find it offensive that someone uses the bible as the utmost authority on history and science. No one uses a book about gardening to teach math and this is the same premise.  And I find it offensive when someone uses their personal spiritual guidelines as a reason to judge and oppress others that are different from them.  



The best thing a Baptist family was that if they were unsure of what to do, they would err on the side of grace and love.  Very gentle, caring people… but, obviously, not everyone is like that. 

let me give an example.  

someone I know got married.  Had a simple non-denominational wedding with open bar.  A guest, felt the need to complain of the evils of alcohol.  

So, a bunch of us, felt the need to walk over to him, double fisting, and downing whatever we could.

Yes, two wrongs don’t make a right but no matter how right you think you are, why the need to bad mouth someone’s wedding choices?  Plus everyone who overhears you, you think they’re saying… “wow he’s right, what a good christian man?”  No, everyone (those poor people at his table) thought, what a douche whore and buzz kill. 

And it’s upsetting, because there were a bunch of people with different beliefs there, Mormons, Jews, Atheists,  Wiccans, Catholics and the only one being a douche whore, was a Christian guy.  Not the only one, just the most vocal.  

Living in the bible belt, is like living among a bunch of people just like him.  


Save me.