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Greetings from The Middle of Nowhere

16 Jan

So blogging from a much different area, much different part of the country.  There are a lot of dirt roads, camo hats and trucks about.  No more just stopping by the store on the way home to pick something up.  No waking up in the morning and heading out to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel.  It’s quite surreal.

Anyway, I’m hoping that all had a good holiday season and did all the things they wanted to… Partied too hard, stayed in and relaxed, ate way too much awesome food, drank too much stuff that tasted great….

Like I mentioned earlier, during this time, I was kicking off the time with a move.  Oh… If only I had more time, because I ended up having to have people come in and help pack up the boxes.  The important books were all loving packed away and marked clearly.  Some of the other stuff, well, not so much.

In fact, I think the comment made (more than once) was, there are too many books and too many shoes.

Um…. excuse me while I spam pictures of both these beautiful things:

Lots of beautiful pics on this blog! click the pic to see more!

Of course, now I’m finding myself having to organize (AGAIN!) these beautiful things. *sigh* But at least I know where they are.  The utensils on the other hand are still missing as is my Inniskillen wine key.  While this made me sad, I lasted a two full days before being forced to go out and buy a new wine key.

Clicking on this picture will direct you to a NSFW link! Just a warning.

So while I’m still digging through my many, many boxes

While I am still learning all the crevices of my new home

While I am am catching up with technology

While Classic Who is in the background

While waiting for Warm Bodies to come out in theaters

While waiting to make new friends

I am keeping my books nearby.


clicking on the above pic while direct to a NSFW blog

And I will leave you with a Twilight Fanfic called Dirt Roads by winehoes.  It is a hilarious story about people living in the middle of nowhere being much more successful than I have been. Maybe I’m visiting all the wrong gas stations.


Trucker hats, possums, and dirt roads.


Roland Deschain, Abe Lincoln and what to read next?

2 Jul

So, although I love to read, I have been accused of reading “trendy books”.  Yes, this was the phrase used.  I think this was after a lengthy conversation concerning the conceptualism of Moby Dick which included someone who stated that the only books they read are biographies.


Now, don’t get me wrong , I love some of the classics.  I was reading Edgar Allan Poe,  Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Sheridan LeFanu, Oscar Wilde, Hemingway in either middle school into high school.  I was in accelerated reading classes where we discussed, dissected and beat symbolism to a slow tortuous death in every possible way.   While there was nothing wrong with that, I enjoyed other novels as well.  I pretty much read anything people shoved at me.  I’m not much different now.  There is something about books that, no matter how much I dislike them, I HAVE to get all the way through to the end to see what happened.  Sometimes, if I didn’t like the book, I gave it away and passed it on.  Other times, I held on to them and still have them lovingly tucked away on a shelf, covers worn down, pages turning soft.

Even in this day and age of digital readers, I still love holding the weight and heft of an actual book in my hand.  There is a ton of convenience of being able to carry 100 books in my bag, but for the ones I love, I still go out and buy the space consuming paper ones.

My digital reader isn’t much different than my book shelves and holds a mix of Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carroll, Stephen King, Brian Lumley, Marie Lu, Arthur Machen.  The list could go on and on.

Really, I understand some people only want to read certain things, but I want to read a ton of things and I want to share it with everyone.


And when they get movie releases, oh, my hopes are so high!  I know it’s just going to hurt me in the end but I can’t help it!


It’s awful for those around me.  I talk about it for years until the release and sometimes I don’t even think it’s a 50/50 chance of liking it, but I WANT to so badly.  Then I go to the theatre and watch it….  Sometimes, it works out wonderfully and other times., there is just no saving it.


From: Lela

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 12:04 PM

To:    mickey

Subject: I’m baaaaack

Did ya miss me?


From:    mickey

To: Lela

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 12:04 PM

Subject: RE: I’m baaaaack


How was it?!


We need to go on a cruise together!  You can put a deposit down, and then pay little by little.  UGGGGH  Once I am out of my mini financial crisis thats what I am going to do.


So I ate, slept, read and tanned.  Made my little heart so happy!

And now I am so sad.  Back to reality.  *sigh*

I read the first Dark Tower book.  Tell me it gets better.

From:    mickey

To: Lela

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 1:14 PM

Subject: RE: I’m baaaaack

It does

That one is the hardest to get through

It’s laying groundwork

To: Lela

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 1:35 PM

To:    mickey

Subject: Re: I’m baaaaack

Ok.  Cuz I put it down and was like, um, thats it?  it was good, but not great.  I figured though.  It  took me a minute to get through the first hunger games but i pressed on.  Lol


From:    mickey

To: Lela

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 2:03 PM

Subject: RE: I’m baaaaack

Yea the first book has actually been rewritten too

I read the original book and yes

It gets much much better

And you should see the graphic novels for it


From: Lela

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 2:09 PM

To:    mickey

Subject: Re: I’m baaaaack

yeah, I am imagining the graphic novels are amazing. but i want to read the first few books first 😉

I also got Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter  I am starting that one before the next dark tower though.  i think.  i dunno.  DECISIONS!

From:    mickey <

To: Lela <

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 3:15 PM

Subject: RE: I’m baaaaack

Do it, it’s an easier read

But definitely go back!! It’s worth it!

From: Mickey <
To:  lela <   Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 10:28 AM Subject: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

But although I haven’t seen the movie, the trailer itself turned me off the movie, although I really liked the book.

The book was written as a biography with small insertions of supernatural events.

The trailer shows a tall dark and brooding axe throwing BAMF with mad athletic skills… which was never the case in the novel?? Unless I misread it?


Also this and bad reviews:


Things that sound funny should be funny. This is sort of a marketing problem, but also sort of a storytelling problem. We can’t count how many times lately we’ve heard film-makers say stuff like, “Sure, the movie is called Cowboys & Aliens, but it’s not a comedy.” Ditto for Battleship and Abe Lincoln. We also heard a lot about how John Carter was trying not to be too comical. There seems to be a trend towards tackling goofy concepts in a dead-serious way, while still keeping a goofy title. It’s possible that for some concepts, the alternative to “comical” isn’t “serious,” but rather “dull.”


From:  lela
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 11:01 AM

To: Mickey

Subject: Re: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I am reading the book.  It is incredibly good.
I hear poor reviews about the movie.  I believe I will wait for the HBO or Redbox release.


how could they do this to us?

Gosh, Maybe it’s better that The Dark Tower project was shut down??  I don’t know if I could deal with these kind of articles surrounding it!

I <3 Fan Fiction

10 Jan

So earlier this week, my twitter account updated with information about an upcoming movie that had just cast a director.  The movie was based on a book that I had not read… but I had read the fan fiction story that novel had been based on.

Yes.  I read fan fiction.

I love to read.  Before 3G, rampant wifi and constant access to the internet, I had books stashed everywhere.  I would spend my lunches reading (I still do this).  I would get in trouble in math class for reading and would hide books during class.  Even books assigned in school stimulated me.  Fahrenheit 451, Catcher in the Rye, The Scarlet Letter, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Of Mice and Men, Pygmalion… My love affair with the works of Shakespeare was ridiculous and I would even cut school to see the films playing.  I turned my nose up to the 1970 version of Wuthering Heights we were made to watch in school because it was so far off the original.  I read anything I could get my hands on, anything that was recommended.  It didn’t matter if  I hated it, I had to finish it all the way to the end.

And then I discovered fan fiction.

This was bad news.  I would already read three novels at a time and stay up all night to finish them.  I kept multiple copies of the ones I loved, made friends through online book clubs and then someone recommended a story to me, already completed, with characters I had already been aquainted with and I was hooked.

I would stay up at all hours of the night reading about characters I was already familiar with in alternative universes and strange situations, sometimes younger, sometimes richer and never ever the same and I loved it.

It’s one of my deep dark secrets.  I can count on one hand the number of people that know I read this stuff.  One I admitted to only after a a dinner involving lots of wine and then she admitted she wrote it!

Before anyone scoffs, these stories are all written about characters, not real people.  They are familiar characters on new journeys.  It’s the equivalent to watching “Blood: The Last Vampire” the original cartoon movie, “Blood Plus” the cartoon series and “Blood: The Last Vampire” the live action film.  All about the same girl but in different timelines and trials.   It’s essentially the same concept as rebooting a series or movie, sometimes it works (The Thomas Crown Affair  setting the chess scene aside) and sometimes, not so much (House of Wax.  Who thought they could improve on Vincent Price?)

Also, if anyone has seen, read or heard about the “The Mortal Instruments” series then you need to know that the author, Cassandra Clare, got her start writing Harry Potter fan fiction.

Some of it can be awful, some can be wonderful and some of these authors are putting it out there to hone their writing skills.

So before anyone makes fun of anyone for reading these or writing these, they should think twice.  I’m not saying it isn’t a little silly, but it sure can be a lot of fun.


“I write stargate fanfiction so I think I know what i’m talking about” – Hot Tub Time Machine